We can’t think of a more uncomfortable sensation than having dry, flaky skin in winter. But fear not, if you’re struggling with dry skin Naturals Beauty is here to help with these 10 tips to combat dry skin this chilly season. From switching out your cleanser to adding a luxurious mask, there’s so much you can do to hydrate and treat your skin this winter.

1. Ditch the gel cleanser

The skin on your face can become especially dry during the winter months so instead of using a gel cleanser you might consider trying a gentle cleansing milk or cream. Gels can be abrasive and dehydrating when its cold out as your skin is a bit more sensitive while a soothing cleansing milk or cream will help to add and retain moisture in the skin.

2. Exfoliate your skin

Use a gentle exfoliator to remove the build-up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. This will allow your body to absorb and retain beneficial ingredients better and help restore your skin’s natural barrier.

3. Hydration, hydration, hydration

By using extremely hydrating serums and creams during your evening skin prep, your skin will feel supple and healthy in the morning. This is the key to happy, glowing skin!

4. Use a face mask

Boost dull winter skin with a high quality hydrating face mask. The active ingredients will help you out when you use a mask twice to three times a week.

5. Don’t forget your sunscreen

Even when it’s miserable outside, your skin is still being exposed to harmful UV rays from the sun. Include a sunscreen in your daily morning skin routine to avoid sun damage creeping up on you.

6. Use warm water, not hot

Washing your skin with lukewarm water is far better for skin, along with patting skin dry instead of rubbing it harshly. You should always moisturise immediately once your skin is dry to allow maximum absorption of skincare products.

skin689 Creme Anti-Cellulite
7. Include a serum in your skincare routine

Especially during winter, dry skin needs an extra boost of moisture. Try an oil-based serum like the Naturals Beauty Anti-Ageing Serum (R205) which contains organic rose hip oil for happy skin.

8. Dry body brushing

Brushing your skin with a dry brush daily helps to exfoliate, promote lymphatic system function, increase circulation and warm you up when it’s a little chilly. Your skin will thank you by being visibly glowing and toned after regular brushing for a few weeks!

9. Don’t forget the rest of your body!

Even though the skin on your face gets the most exposure to the winter chill, your skin is your largest organ and should be kept in tip-top condition. Try a thick, moisturising body butter – like the Naturals Beauty Vanilla Body Butter (R115) – at least once a day to leave skin nourished and comfortable.

10. Treat yourself once a month!

If you can afford it, treating yourself to at least one full body massage and facial treatment per month will keep skin hydrated and enhance your sense of wellbeing from the inside out, leaving you feeling your absolute best.

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