Fragrance shopping is no easy task. With so many different types of scents available, finding the one you love the most is indeed tough! Testing different fragrances to find the perfect one for you can be tricky. But fear not, we’ve got you covered with these 3 simple tips and tricks from Cartier’s sophisticated perfumer, Mathilde Laurent, that’ll make finding your perfect perfume a breeze.

Learn the language

Know nothing about fragrance notes? Here’s a quick lesson: the top note is the boldest, most dominant scent you’ll smell when you first spritz a perfume, and it fades after around 15 minutes into the middle note. The middle note – or heart note – makes up the body of the perfume and lingers for a few hours. When this disappears the bottom note of the scent will emerge, which is the rich, heavy scent that hangs around ’til the end of the day.

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Leave the store for a better sniff

The smells in perfume stores can be terribly overwhelming, which is why you should never sample a scent while standing at the counter. Spraying the fragrance and taking a step outside will allow you to get a more accurate feel of how the perfume will wear. Bonus tip: if you’re sampling a few scents, try spritzing onto those little tester sticks provided in store. You’ll be able to keep track of what you’ve tried and it’ll prevent you from having to wonder about with 6 different smells on your body!

Go about your daily life

If you’ve narrowed it down but still can’t choose between two or three scents, take the freshly sprayed tester sticks and stick them in your pockets before continuing with your day. Run errands, grab a coffee or chill out at home – remember to keep smelling the fragrances as you move around to see how they evolve. It’s best to wait a full day before making a final decision to mimic how a fragrance will truly wear.

crabtree fragranceIf you’re sure you’ve scored a winner, do one final skin test by spritzing the fragrance on your neck, wrists and inner elbows but don’t rub it in. Doing so disrupts the chemistry of the scent because of the friction and heat. After around 30 minutes, have a final sniff to see how the notes mingle with your natural scent – does it work for you?

By the end of the process, if you’re still in love with it, you may have found your new signature scent!

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