Leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy, and with all sorts of conflicting information out there, figuring out what’s best for your body can become confusing. Whether you’re struggling to stay motivated throughout your fitness journey or simply need a little extra inspiration to get your butt into the gym every morning, a great fitness podcast can help keep you motivated while also offering great fitness and health tips. But how do you weed out the great from snooze fest? No need, we’ve put together a list of our 5 favourite health and fitness podcasts to inspire you and motivate you to stay on the path to healthy living.

Bulletproof Radio

bulletproof radio

Perfect for the mindful athlete at any fitness level, Bulletproof Radio talks about how to keep your body functioning optimally. Whether its by eating ethically-sourced meat and produce or simple sleep hacks, this podcast has got you covered. Host and founder, Dave Asprey, is a ‘biohacker’, author and researcher who doesn’t shy away from experimenting on himself and conveying to viewers what works and what doesn’t.

Listen to the Bulletproof Radio podcast here

The Jillian Michaels Show

jillian michaels

If you’re into all things health and exercise-related, you’ll love Jillian Michaels. Straightforward Jillian isn’t afraid to rant about things like the keto diet on her podcast and focuses on striking the perfect balance between exercise, healthy eating and ditching fad diets. She demonstrates how to maintain a sustainable, successful balanced body and lifestyle.

Listen to the Jillian Michaels podcast here

The Dumbbells

the dumbbells

Exercise helps alleviate anxiety and better your overall mood but if you’re too stressed to squat, your routine might not be working for you. On The Dumbbells podcast, comedians and hosts, Eugene Cordero and Ryan Stanger, speak about working out, optimal nutrition and lifestyle topics like achieving goals and exercise class disasters. Learn how to lift correctly and allow your mind to be captivated by the hilarious duo.

The Dumbbells podcast is available here. 

Work, Play, Love

work play love

Struggling to balance your daily schedules and active life? This married couple knows a trick or two to help you out. Fitness fanatic couple, Jesse Thomas and Lauren Fleshman, chat about how to deal with obstacles that can interfere with your training routine. Learn how to maintain a balanced active lifestyle and hear them answer listener questions such as how to maintain a positive healthy body image.

Listen to the Work, Play, Love podcast here



If you’re a curious cat when it comes to calories, Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D. is here to teach you all about it with the help of professionals and doctors. Learn about cells and caloric restrictions when it comes to optimising your fitness levels and the technicalities of how your body works. Although some terms are a mouthful to say aloud, Rhonda explains concepts in digestible, easy-to-understand manner that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Listen to the FoundMyFitness podcast here

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