Going away on holiday is the best thing ever but travelling to your holiday destination can be a serious nightmare. Luckily for all us modern folk there are loads of travel apps out there just waiting to help us along our way. The only trouble is navigating through all the crap to get to the good stuff; the apps that actually work and offer something truly useful. So, because we like making your life easier we’ve decided to wade through all the nonsense for you and bring you 5 Travel Apps You Can’t Do Without.

1. XE Currency

XE Currency

This free currency conversion app is the best one out there. Forget paid-for apps, this one has been tried and tested by the WomenStuff team is and is a definite winner. The app has been downloaded over 5 million times because it’s slick, easy to use and accurate. XE Currency is available free on iOS and Android.

Download it here.

2. World Clock

World Clock

If you’re travelling to more than one city or have layovers in various places then this app is a lifesaver. Perfect World Clock lets you know the time in hundreds of cities at the same time and allows you to add several clocks as home-screen widgets so you know what time it is at home or where you’re going next. Available free on Android.

Download it here.

3. Pack Point

Pack Point

If you hate packing or are one of those people who always forgets to pack a toothbrush or a swimming costume then you will love this handy packing app. The app helps to solve your packing worries by creating a list of all the essential items you need for your trip. It’s super useful and the only thing that would make it better is if it physically packed your bag for you. All you need to do is log in, answer a few basic questions about your trip (such as gender, destination, length of trip, etc) and it cleverly calculates exactly what you need. Available free on iOS and Android.

Download it here.

4. Uber


Uber isn’t just for taxing home after a few drinks in your home town. The app make cities more accessible by making it easier to contact nearby drivers in a foreign place. With drivers in hundreds of cities and payment linked to your phone and credit card, there’s no need to search for a taxi company’s number and fumble with foreign currency when you land. All you need is your smartphone, the Uber app and you’re ready to go where ever you need to be. Available free on iOS and Android.

Download it here.

5. WhatsApp Messenger


Okay, okay so WhatsApp isn’t new but you’d be surprised how many people don’t actually have it on their phones. Besides being a great day-to-day messenger WhatsApp is also a very powerful tool when travelling. The cross-platform messaging system makes it easier to communicate no matter where you are because messages can be sent over data using WiFi rather than having to rely on a cellular connection. Communicating with relatives and friends at home is a breeze with this app as communication is free! Available free on iPhone and Android.

Download it here.

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