When it comes to exercise and hitting the gym I’m quite possibly the laziest person ever. Weirdly I’m quite an active person; I play netball once a week, I go hiking and I love the outdoors, but as soon as anyone even mentions the word “gym” I start to yawn. The truth is I hate the gym; it’s boring, there are too many people and more often than not I have no potting clue what I’m doing. I’m that person who continues to pay an unused gym membership month-in-and-month-out, promising myself that I will go starting next week. The great news is I’m not doomed to keep paying R600(plus) for said gym membership for all of eternity – in fact, I’ve recently cancelled my gym membership to use the money for something much, much better (no, not shoes). I’ve committed to getting fit with Adventure Boot Camp for Women and the great news is it is oodles more fun than any gym and more affordable!

If you have never heard of Adventure Boot Camp for Women (also know as ABC) then you’d better listen up sister! ABC is a fun and exciting outdoor exercise programme just for the ladies. They welcome women of all fitness levels to help you reach your fitness and health goals with lots of guidance along the way. The best thing about it is that each training session is led by a qualified trainer who makes sure that each session is fun and different from the last. Which means no monotonous routines, no waiting for sweaty gym equipment, and no clueless training with concerns that your efforts are wasted. And, because the sessions take place at outdoor locations around the country you can be sure you will always have a beautiful view to look at and fresh air to fill your lungs. Basically, it’s all the benefits of training with a personal trainer, and more, at a fraction of the cost.

Adventure Bootcamp for Women

I got the opportunity to experience a four-week training programme with three sessions per week at ABC and I absolutely adored it – me the person that loathes the gym! I loved having that interaction with the ladies in my group during every session and it was inspiring to hear all their stories about how many camps they had been on and the results they had achieved after each camp. The groups are small so you still get loads of attention and guidance but knowing that everyone is grafting just as hard as you are to finish the workout circuit for the day really keeps you going. I attended the Rondebosch camp at Western Province Cricket Club and loved being able to train in such a beautiful setting. Of course, ABC Cape Town also offers loads of other beautiful locations such as Kirstenbosch Gardens, Green Point Urban Park, and Constantia Waldorf School.

Adventure Bootcamp for Women

As for the workouts, some of them were brutal, leaving me stiff for days, but our trainer was always careful to tell us to take the exercises at our own pace. ABC doesn’t push you too hard too quickly or push you to breaking point so you land up injured and unable to train for weeks. I met some ladies who were completing their one-hundredth camp and others who were just completing their second and each one of them had nothing but praise for the ABC programme. I also loved that each camp starts and begins with a ‘fitness’ test so you know where you were fitness wise when you started off and where you ended up after 1, 2, or even 3 camps.

Another great thing about Adventure Boot Camp is that you need very little equipment. There’s no need to set up a home gym because with ABC all you need is an exercise mat, two hand weights (about 1.5KG is good) and a water bottle. The rest is supplied for you and most of the workouts are done using your own bodyweight and your hand weights. It really is amazing what you can achieve with so little equipment!

Adventure Bootcamp for Women

And, to track your progress ABC also gives you a welcome pack booklet where you can record your weight, measurements and the results of your pre and post camp testing. After four weeks I could definitely feel an increase in my fitness levels and I could do more push-ups, run a little faster, and stretch a little further. As for centimetre loss, I did record a loss of a centre metre or two but I also didn’t change my diet during the process. Of course, your results will continue to improve after each camp. They also offer free nutritional advice and custom meal plans via the Camper Zone on the ABC website so you can choose to use that info to help you on your weight loss journey if that is your goal.

Campers can choose to attend 4, 12 or 20 sessions (an average of 1, 3 or 5 days a week, over the four weeks with prices varying per venue. The Rondebosch camp costs R730 for 5 days a week, R620 for 4 days a week and R390 for 3 days a week. For more information and to sign up for the next camp starting 11 April 2016 visit the ABC website