Stuck in a gym rut? I get it — you joined a gym thinking you would go all the time but then you weren’t really feeling the vibe because there just weren’t enough interesting unique classes or you just wanted to try something different… Like yoga, pilates, or even those ultra popular HIIT studios everyone and their dog is talking about. Well I’ve got great news for Durbanites, it’s time to take the plunge and cancel that boring, stuffy old gym membership because FitKey has officially arrived in Durban! This unique workout app is all about keeping your workouts fun and fresh, helping you reach your health and fitness goals with a smile.

After much success in Cape Town and Johannesburg, the fitness app everyone is talking about has finally made its way to Durban and trust me, you’re going to love it! Just like you, I was suckered into the monthly gym membership —  I paid the exorbitant joining fee, my super costly monthly membership fees (for years!), and I hardly ever went. I get no joy from mindlessly running on a treadmill and the weights area was far too intimidating a place for me to venture into. As for the classes, they were always at weird times of the day and didn’t sound all that interesting to me. So, after years of essentially flushing my money down the drain I did it —  I cancelled my gym membership and joined FitKey instead.

I’ve been using the FitKey app for a year now and it has completely changed the way I work out and my fitness journey. The first thing that caught my eye about FitKey is that it’s not like any other gym membership I have ever heard of or tried before. Most places try to lock you in for a long period of time and give you very little flexibility in terms of the types of exercise you want to do. If you’ve ever wanted to try out something new that your gym doesn’t offer you’ll know what I’m talking about. For example, I was super keen to try out boxing fitness, but once I realised that signing up for boxing classes just once or twice a week would cost just as much, or more, than my current gym membership I decided to give it a skip. Most memberships force you to pick one thing and stick with it but what about those of us who like trying new things and who get bored doing the same old workouts day-in-and-day-out?

FitKey allows you to pay one membership fee and have access to the fitness studio that suits your mood on any given day. And, the sky is the limit here ladies. I’m talking everything from yoga and pilates to Crossfit, boxing fitness, ballet, HIIT, and more. FitKey is still brand new in Durban, and they are building their list of studio partners every week, signing on the likes of studios such as DynamX Ladies Health Studio and Fit4Life Bluff. With so many exciting studio partners signing ups it’s only a matter of time before Durbanites can enjoy the benefits of FitKey to the same extent as Joburgers and Capetonians, where your one FitKey membership fee gives you access to over 160 gym locations and more than 6000 classes per month!


The FitKey system couldn’t be easier to use. Members get access to the FitKey website and app where they can book various classes hours, days, or weeks in advance. To find a class you want to take part in you simply use the class filter system and search classes by date, time, studio, or workout type. Once you’ve found a class that meets your fancy you simply click ‘Reserve a Spot’ and that’s it. All that’s left for you to do is rock up 15 minutes before the class and let reception know you’ve booked with FitKey. I also love that you can use the website and app to easily track the classes you’ve added to your schedule and even cancel classes that will no longer be able to attend. The website also offers great descriptions of each class and studio so you know what to expect before you arrive at their door.

The great thing about FitKey is you can give it a go without having to commit for too long. With FitKey there are no joining fees and no contracts or obligations. You simply pay the monthly fee and you’ll have access from the day you pay to that same date a month later. FitKey offers a wide range of membership plans to suit your budget and schedule. If you’re a fitness fanatic you’ll love the unlimited plan (R1,005 per month) which gives you unlimited classes every month (with a limit of 3 classes per studio). If you’re not keen on the unlimited plan then there are also a range of other membership plans available starting from R298 for Fitkey 3 (3 classes a month) to R701 for FitKey 10 (10 classes a month).

To check out the full list of FitKey plans or to get a glimpse of the classes available click here. You can also use this WomenStuff referral link to get an additional R50.00 off of your first month!

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