We can all agree that YouTube is the best thing ever but the video sharing platform can be a real leech on your precious, and oh-so-pricey data. Luckily for data conscious users, Youtube has launched its brand new ‘data-light’ version of the website, YouTube Go, in South Africa, making catching up on your favourite YouTubers easier than ever before.

A lighter version of the YouTube app, YouTube Go was created for audiences with slower internet connections or for those who are conscious of high data prices in South Africa. The app is simple to use and allows easy access to your favourite videos with an ‘offline first’ feature that works even when you have little or no internet connectivity. The app also lets you know how you’re using your data so you can monitor your consumption.

YouTube GoWhat’s more, YouTube Go’s home screen shows trending videos nearby so users can see the latest content popular with people around them. There’s also a function that allows you to preview videos without using data, making it easier to decide what to watch, and users can save videos to watch offline later. You can also save data by choosing which resolution to view videos in or by wirelessly transferring videos to nearby devices sans data.

With South Africa’s high data costs in mind, YouTube Go allows for a much lighter, nimbler viewing experience at less of a cost!

YouTube Go is available for download in the Google Play store and will be pre-installed on all Android 8.1 devices.

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