Listen, the idea of wine in a box is not a new one but could it be the future of wine in South Africa? You might not think premium wine belongs in a box but a new local wine brand is hell-bent on changing that by putting ridiculously good wine in a box. Why? As it turns out, wine in a box is more planet-friendly and drinking good old-fashioned ‘dooswyn’ actually saves you, the wine lover, money in the long run. Check out the oh-so-innovative Ben Wren Wine and get ready to change the way you think about boxed wine for ever.

A new generation wine brand, the Ben Wren Wine Co. was created with the belief that you don’t need fancy bottles or foiled labels to tell if a wine is good or not. Not when your taste buds are quite capable of knowing the difference. And your taste buds (and your wallet) are going to love Ben Wren wine. Sourced from respected estates within the Cape’s prolific wine producing region, the wine in this box is exactly the same as the wine in their bottle (pretty cool heh?). That’s right, the same vineyards, same grapes, same wine master, same oak barrels… you get the point!

Ben Wren wineOkay, there is one difference… the price point! It costs a lot less to put wine in a box. With wine shipped in a box it reaches you at up to half the cost of glass, making Ben Wren a lot more affordable than most premium-quality wines you’ll find bottled in South Africa. How much more affordable? Try R195 for 3 litres of wine! At an average of about R70 for a bottle of good-qaulity South African wine you’d usually be looking at paying close to R280 for 3 litres of wine (or 4 bottles to be exact). If that incredible saving isn’t a good reason to start thinking ‘inside the box’, and start drinking Ben Wren Wine, then I don’t know what is!

Need more reasons to switch to boxed wine? Drinking wine from a box is also more planet-friendly. With half the carbon footprint of the bottling process, and made from fully recycled board, a box is kinder on the environment. Ben Wren have even taken it one step further and removed the plastic handle traditionally found on boxed wine, and they are currently in the process of developing a 100% recyclable inner bag for Ben Wren Gen 2. You’ll also waste less wine switching to ‘dooswyn’. With boxed wine there is no pressure to finish off that bottle anymore. The Ben Wren box seals perfectly – keeping your wine fresh in the fridge for longer. When you’re ready to go back to it, simply pull out the handy tap, pour yourself a refreshing glass and revel in the good times.

Ben Wren wine

The handy perforated ice brick hole is a summer win of note!

Oh, yes, and then there’s the added benefit of boxed wine being a lot more portable and durable than glass. They stack well, are easy to carry, transport and store, making them ideal for picnics, parties, and campsites. Speaking of picnics and camping, the Ben Wren box also features a handy perforated ice brick hole – just can pop it open and slip in an ice brick to chill your wine on-the-go (genius!).

In addition to all those benefits, Ben Wren Wine is also incredibly delicious! The brand launched with an oh-so-yummy 3-litre Sauvignon Blanc that proves drinking wine out of a box doesn’t have to be a bad life decision. This full-flavoured, premium wine reframes the perception of boxed-wine and is Sauvignon Blanc done right. It pairs well with almost anything (think summer salads, seafood, cheese … ice, Netflix, your couch, you name it!). Rec wine lovers will also be thrilled to hear that Ben Wren plans to release a Red Blend and a Rosé very soon, so look out for that in the coming months!

Ben Wren wine

Ben Wren Sauvignon Blanc is currently available to purchase online at R195 via the Ben Wren website (buy 3 boxes or more for free delivery). You can also find Ben Wren Wine at Bar Keeper on Strand Street, Bo Kaap as well as at La Cuccina in Hout Bay (by the glass or you can buy a box to take home). 

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