Tracy Gold is back with some fabulous tips on to dress your best. This time around Tracy is sharing the love in a brand new video series on how to love the body you have. It may be a tough topic to tackle but in true Tracy Gold style the videos help women to explore what they adore and appreciate about their bodies and then teaches them how to accentuate their assets.

There are two videos in the series so far – in the first Tracy challenges her viewers to take a good look in the mirror and share the love … with themselves!

Watch the first video here:

The second video in the series tackles shopping and Tracy shares some practical tips on how to dress for your body shape so that you can learn to love the body you have.

Tracy chats about three easy ways to dress for your shape:

1. Shape up: forget baggy, frumpy clothes, Tracy advises women to wear clothes with shape.

Tracy Gold

2. Get waisted: Tracy explains that emphasizing your waistline can help you ‘lose’ 5kgs instantly.


3. Do it with flair: create balance with flaired hems and your body will thank you.


Watch the full video below and learn all about Tracy’s three little tips to fashion success. And, don’t forget to visit Tracy Gold’s website and follow Tracy Gold Fashion Tips on Facebook for more fashion tips!