With the Western Cape officially declared a disaster zone in the midst of the worst drought in decades, water is an extremely valuable and scarce resource that deserves our protection. While we’re all doing our best to find unique ways to conserve water, from harvesting rain water to taking two-minute showers and collecting grey water, one area that’s particularly difficult to cut back on is laundry. We can’t simply not wash our clothes and regular washing machines can use up to 50 litres of municipal drinking water per cycle! So we desperately need another solution. That’s where Green Planet Laundry comes in!

How it benefits the earth

What sets the Cape Town-based Green Planet Laundry apart from other commercial laundries is that it doesn’t tap into any of the city’s municipal water supply. Instead, they make use of undrinkable, 100% purified borehole water which gets infused with 95 percent pure oxygen. In addition, 50 percent of the grey water used in their laundry gets recycled in subsequent laundry cycles which further reduces the need for more borehole water. Absolutely no drinkable tap water is used!

How it benefits your clothes

While reducing their ecological footprint, they’re also helping your clothes. The oxygenated water they use requires less detergent and eliminates microbes in linen, leaving your clothing clean, sanitised and soft. It also acts a biocide that kills bacteria, with disinfectant properties up to 150 percent more powerful than chlorine. This increases the life of your linens by up to 50 percent making them whiter and softer. More reason to make use of this brilliant innovation!

Green Planet Laundry offers a same-day, door-to-door collection and delivery service in all greater Cape Town areas from Strand to Paarl to Duynefontein to Cape Point, and will commence operations from October 1st. For information say Hi to Green Planet Laundry on Facebook.