Eyewear has traditionally fallen into the ‘luxury’ goods category, forcing consumers to splash some serious money on, particularly for frames by well-known fashion brands. These brands – generally known for making clothing or other accessories – tend to carry a pretty hefty price-tag.

However, paying a bond’s-worth in order to get some specs doesn’t have to be the only outcome. Torga Optical offers high-quality corrective and enhancement lenses, with some undeniably stylish frames, and all for affordable prices.

Femina 5053

Check out the Femina 5053 here.


The eyewear landscape is embracing big, bold, and beautiful this season, and nothing screams that more than the Femina 5053 frames. Coming in brown, pink, or purple, these frames deliver a splash of colour and pizazz to your look, while harking back to the iconic looks of the yesteryear.

X Look 5080

Check out the X Look 5080 here.

Round frames are in, and the X-Look 5080s feature eye-catching tortoise-shell acetate frames available in a number of colours. These are ideal for your everyday go-tos or an evening out.

Cliche 6025

Check out the Cliche 6025 here.

Looking for something subtle but impactful. The Cliche 6025 frames bring some simplistic style with bold undertones thanks to the rimless bottoms, pronounced ends, and textured bridge.

Luckily, due to Torga Optical’s in-house manufacturing and wide range of frames, you could probably get all two to three of these pairs for the price of a single fashion-branded pair you might have had your eyes on. And all their pricing includes two pairs so you can mix and match. Plus, the pricing includes single lenses with hard coating for low prescriptions.

Take a look at their range of lifestyle, active, and sunglass ranges and take advantage of their two-pair offers to get some serious value for your money without compromising on quality and selection!