Women have a very special relationship with their hair – it’s our crowning glory for goodness sake! Which is why we invest so much money in the best shampoos, conditioners and other products to keep it in tip top condition. But, as diligent as we are when it comes to hair care, loads of us do skimp on one super important thing – in-salon treatments. So, because I love to help I’ve got the low-down on why you need to make sure you’re getting regular in-salon treatments and then share my pick of the top 3 in-salon hair treatments you HAVE to try!

Professional in-salon hair treatments are important for the health of your hair. If your hair is looking limp and tired then a great in-salon treatment might be just what you need to get it looking its best again. Living in this crazy modern world there are loads of stresses on our hair (heat styling, improper diet, pollution and more) so we need to make sure that we are constantly putting back what our environment and lifestyle takes out. From smoothing and rejuvenation treatments to deep conditioning treatments, there are so many professional treatments available out there but I thought I would share just three of my favourite ones:

1. Davines Minu Colour Locking Treatment

Davines Minu

If you are yet to discover the wonder that is Davines professional haircare products then this is one treatment you have to try! This unique treatment is illuminating and protective for cosmetically coloured hair. The magic ingredient? Salina Caper extract! Rich in polyphenois (helps to protect colour) and quercitin (a powerful amino acid that protects the structure of the hair) capers are a lifesaver for hair.

The treatment is available at Carlton Hair and I must insist that you enjoy it along with Carlton’s unique Micromist treatment add-on. The Micromist just helps to lock in the treatment and allows the product to penetrate deep into the hair. After trying this treatment my hair stayed super, super soft for weeks afterwards and I felt like my hair been given a new lease on life!

Davines MINU treatment available at Carlton Hair at R200 (with Micromist – R350).

2. Brazilian Blowout Original Keratin Treatment

Brazilian Blowout

If you’ve ever wondered which Brazilian blowout was the first and the best, it’s this one! This original Brazilian Blowout is the number one Brazilian keratin treatment in the world and offers the most incredible hair smoothing ability. Of course, the treatment won’t give you poker straight hair, it’s more about reducing frizz, dramatically increasing shine, sealing the cuticle, allowing the hair to retain its natural moisture and giving you soft, manageable hair that is easy to style. The treatment contains Acai Berry, Camu Camu, Annatto Seed and is wonderfully conditioning.

Brazilian Blowout

The treatment takes about 90 minutes and unlike with other Brazilian blowouts you can tie up your hair and even shampoo it as soon as you leave the salon! Results last up to 12 weeks and the treatment is ideal for curly and frizzy hair and clients who want smooth, frizz-free hair and their curl reduced. The treatment is available from selected certified salons only. I went to FUGO in Parktown Johannesburg for mine and was amazed at the results. It’s the best Brazilian I have ever had and it left my hair in a great condition.

Brazilian Blowout Original Keratin Treatment available from selected salons between R1650 and R2150 – pricing depends on length and thickness of your hair. Click here for a list of stockists in South Africa.

3. Davines Replumping Treatment

Davines Replumping

Yes, that’s right another Davines treatment. While the first treatment I mentioned was more for colour treated hair this one is like a facelift for your hair! This is by far one of the very best treatments I have ever had in my entire 29 years of life and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. This treatment is elasticising and hydrating for all hair types and its active ingredients help to fight free radicals, cellular ageing in hair.

I enjoyed this treatment along with a Micromist and loved the results. My hair was in the best shape of its life after this killer treatment and I loved how it reduced the severity of my split ends! If you’re trying to grow out your hair but are plagued by split ends that demand to be chopped then this treatment will give you the valuable time you need to let your hair gain a few more inches.

Available at Carlton Hair salons at R200 (R350 with Micromist).