I think we can all agree that gin is the best thing in the history of ever. But what’s better than a classic gin? Chocolate gin of course! Yes indeed, just when you thought gin couldn’t get any better, much loved local gin brand, Inverroche, announces the launch of a new chocolate flavoured gin to the range! Sustainably made, and quirky to the max, the new Inverroche Coco Carissa will no doubt shake up your gin cocktails this summer.

The first in Inverroche Distillery’s Creative Collection, Coco Carissa is a complex gin inspired by flavours of Africa, South America, India and Europe. It tantalises the taste buds with an artisanal blend of colours, aromas, flavours and textures perfect for any gin lover with notes of chocolate and red num-num berries.

Inverroche Coco CarissaRosy red in colour, Coco Carissa gives off luxurious flavours of rose, berry, dark chocolate and spices with a balanced juniper base. The gin contains key ingredients like seeds of the Theobroma cacao tree (chocolate) from the Amazon in South America, and num-num berries from the forests of the Southern Cape.

At first sip, you’ll taste a hint of Turkish delight which develops into the sweetness of the num-num berries, and then transforms into a lingering dark chocolate finish. Paired with your favourite tonic water and a twirl of orange zest, this gin is ready to drink.

For more information visit the Inverroche website.

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