Listen being an adult is hard. In-between remembering to feed yourself and making sure you’re on time for work every day, there’s also that whole business of managing your finances like an adult. Figuring out how to manage your finances correctly and effectively is as easy as operating a blender with the top off. If you’re struggling to get a handle on your finances it’s time to reach for Money Wit by Nola Rae, an easy-to-understand personal finance guide aimed at young adults.

This easy-to-read guide cuts through the jargon and sales mumbo jumbo of the financial world and instead offers the reader invaluable financial knowledge needed to navigate the working world.

With this exciting book, Rae set out to address the gaps in young people’s knowledge about money management, making the topic less intimidating and not as boring as you might think! With a world that seemingly revolves around money, it’s important for young professionals and students to understand how to manage it effectively.

money wit Nola Rae

Money Wit is an easy-to-use guide that gives readers financial basics like the difference between saving and investing; spending habits and how to go about getting your first credit card. Rae was inspired while conducting research into financial wellness. In this book, she proactively informs people about money management considering it’s a topic not currently taught in SA schools.

A critical read for young, starting-out professionals; those with a first-time income, and students receiving an allowance, Money Wit is equally informative for older readers. It’s never too late to better your financial habits! Deeply passionate about her message, Rae also plans to host Money Wit workshops throughout the country’s schools and corporate organisations alike, empowering people with real-life financial skills.

Money Wit is available at R180 per copy. Click here to buy it online now. For more information or to enquire about workshops, visit the Money Wit website.

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