Much like cartoonist Jim Davis’ Monday-hating Garfield, we love lasagne. What’s not to love? Possibly one of the oldest types of pasta, lasagne originated in Italy during the Middle Ages with the first recorded recipe set down in the early 14th century Liber de Coquina (The Book of Cookery). While a homemade lasagne is the perfect winter treat, it’s even better when a professional chef is preparing it for you which is why we were so elated to hear that Cape Town restaurant, 95 Keerom has declared August Lasagne Month! Starting 1 August, Chef Giorgio Nava will be delighting dinners with a fresh new take on this Italian favourite.

Known for serving authentic, old school Italian food with a fine twist, 95 Keerom is the perfect place to celebrate winter’s ultimate comfort food: lasagne! The restaurant believes in using only the highest quality ingredients and traditional recipes, offering guests a truly Italian experience with uncompromising quality. Still not convinced? 95 Keerom has been around for the past 15 years so you can be sure these dishes have stood the test of time!

If you love Lasagne you’re bound to make a few visits to 95 Keerom this coming month as lasagne takes centre stage for the entire month of August. The much loved dish will be served in a variety of different ways rotating each week alongside 95 Keerom’s usual à la carte menu. Meat-lovers will appreciate the lamb and beef lasagne options while pescatarians and vegetarians are catered to as well – everyone can tuck in!

95 Keerom is situated at 95 Keerom Street in the Cape Town CDB and is open for dinner Monday to Saturday, and Friday for lunch. For more information visit the 95 Keerom  website.

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