Local online retailer Raru has announced that its US import section is now open for business! Which means we now have easier access to loads of overseas products including fashion, beauty, gadgets, toys, home appliances and so much more.

Raru is known for selling a wide range of products but has now expanded their range of products available with the international import category where shoppers can opt to import selected items with ease. Offering a range of products and consumer goods from the US which can be imported and delivered to SA via Raru’s channels, the new shopping category is sure to become a useful tool for those who want to get their favourite international products in South Africa.

For the WomenStuff team it is definitely the fashion section that is the most exciting as the new import option gives us easy access to the shop for items from Jessica Simpson, Kate Spade, Kenneth Cole, Betsey Johnson and more. Of course, these products do come with a premium price attached to them but if you’re desperate to get something into the country then this is a great tool with minimal hassle.

For more information and to shop the imports range visit Raru’s online store. You can also say Hi to Raru on Facebook for more information.