It’s time for another Hollywood remake, but this time we’ve got oodles of faith that it’s going to be a goodie. Because how can the people who made the much-loved Minions go wrong? Sure the Grinch has been done before but when Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment announced they were going to take a stab at it with an animated version we were beyond excited. What’s more, they have just debuted the brand new full trailer for The Grinch and it’s ha-ha-ha-larious!

With famed actor Benedict Cumberbatch voicing the lead character, the whimsical Dr. Seuss-inspired film follows the Grinch as he goes on a mission to steal Christmas. His solitary cave-dwelling life, accompanied only by his loyal dog, Max has made him a bit of a Christmas loathing grouch, so when the Whos from the nearby town Who-ville announce their plans to celebrate Christmas bigger than ever before, he sets out to steal the occasion.

The film will be released in early December 2018, just in time to make it into your Christmas film-favourites!

Watch the full trailer below to see what you can expect on the silver screen:

The Grinch will be released in cinemas nationwide on 7 December 2018.

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