If there’s one thing you miss when you’re living the ‘eat clean’ life, it’s a good bubbly. Those who try their very best to avoid sugar will know that even the driest of sparkling wines contain sugar, however minuscule. But one bubbly brand is appealing to the health conscious with an offering that is indeed a cause for celebration. Rather than reaching for the sparkling water when all your mates are breaking out those champagne flutes, pop a bottle of Graham Beck Brut Zero instead. The low-sugar, low-calorie alternative to traditional MCC is sure to make any celebration just that little bit sweeter knowing it won’t break the calorie bank.

Bubbly fiends might already be familiar with the concept of “dosage” (pronounced doe-sazh), when it comes to crafting champagne. Dosage (pronounced doe-sazh) is the sweetness level of a finished sparkling wine product and refers to the amount of sugar added to the bottle before corking. For the Brut Zero, Graham Beck avoids the practice of dosage. So while most brut bubblies contain a dosage of around 9 grams per litre this zero-dosage version only contains 1.7 grams per litre.

A true purist’s delight, bone dry, ultra crisp and rich in natural flavour, the Graham Beck Brut Zero is lower in calories than its sugar-imbued counterparts, making it ideal for slimmers and those who just prefer lighter style wines. I was super impressed with this delicious MCC and it has given me a new appreciation for more ‘natural-style’ bubblies.

While I generally prefer sweeter, fruitier, MCCs over brut varietals this offering from Graham Beck has definitely started to change my mind about drier MCCs. The fact that it’s so calorie conscious is also a big plus! Heading into the festive season, it’s tough to say no to the endless glasses of champagne offered to you so this healthier version of MCC is definitely going to be my go-to drink for the summer holidays.

This yummy bubbly is great on its own but also pairs beautifully with salty, fresh foods like sushi and shellfish. Find Graham Beck Brut Zero at most good liquor stores or online for around R365 per bottle.

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