We all know there’s no better feeling than a fresh manicure to help you conquer the world! You feel like the most put-together version of yourself — even if it’s just a few coats of clear varnish over bare nails. While beauty salon visits are a treat, they can be pricey especially if you enjoy changing up your nails a couple of times a month. Which is why Sarah Gibson Tuttle, owner of LA-based beauty salon, Olive and June decided to help a sister out in-between salon visits by developing a super nifty at-home manicure solution. The Poppy is bound to revolutionise your at-home manicure, and we know just how you can get it here in South Africa!

Whether it’s air bubbles, smudging or difficulty holding the brush steady with your non-dominant hand, there are many factors that can get in the way of achieving the ultimate DIY manicure. The Poppy is a handy universal tool you just pop onto the top of any nail polish bottle to help you get a better grip on the brush. This will steady your hand (right or left) and allow for a more controlled, even application.

The great thing about The Poppy is it enables you to paint the nails of both hands with ease. The ergonomic handle pops on top of the polish brush to help stabilize both your dominant and non-dominant hands, preventing smudges and inconsistent layers. What’s more, it fits on any polish brush, giving you the freedom to use try multiple brands and colours.

Olive and June“When we paint our own nails, we’re stumbling for reasons you have probably experienced,” explains Tuttle. “The non-dominant hand causes plenty of issues, you might not have a routine and therefore have no idea where to start, it takes too much time, etc. Overall, you don’t feel you are capable or equipped to give yourself a good-looking and, dare I say, polished-looking manicure.” The Poppy solves that issue, giving women the freedom to have beautiful looking nails whenever they please.

The Poppy is available online from Olive & June for $16 (about R230) While the product isn’t available on our shores just yet South Africans can order it online with Postbox Courier.

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