If you’re concerned about the impact the cocktail of chemicals added to our water supply will have on your skin then you’re in luck because Vit C Shower has brought the the vitamin C-infused shower head trend to South Africa!

It’s true that most of the purification substances added to our water system should be filtered out of all consumable water by the time it reaches our taps but even then, the highly absorptive nature of the skin means that up to 60 percent of the chlorine that most people absorb daily is due to showering or bathing in chlorinated water. And, while the residual chlorine found in regular tap water helps to keep it germ-free, these chemicals can cause skin irritations, inflammation of acne breakouts, dry skin, and conditions like eczema.

Vit C shower

That’s where Vit C Shower comes in. This innovative shower head dechlorinates water and claims to neutralize up to 99.8 percent of free chlorine and chloromines in the water while delivering the benefits of Vitamin C directly to your skin, offering relief for dry skin and other skin conditions that may be affected by the chemicals in the water supply.

When it comes to incorporating filtered water into your showering routine though, things can get tricky as the efficiency of a carbon filter is severely compromised by high temperatures, pressure and the volume that a showerhead handles. Vit C Shower combats this with some clever innovation in the form of a Vitamin C filter that is independent from the shower head. This independent filter delivers Vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid enclosed ceramic balls allowing for greater dechlorination while also providing the supplementary benefits of Vitamin C to the skin.

The benefits of this filter are then bolstered by a rigorous 12-stage filtration process that includes sediment filters in the form of micro-porous cotton and stainless steel mesh, along with a variety of additional elements that include calcium sulphite, malfan stone and tourmaline to offer water that is softer, gentler and which leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized. What’s more, the shower head also works as a water saving device with a 6l per minute water flow.

Vit C shower

For those who prefer to bath, Vit C also offers Vit C bath effervescent tablets to dechlorinate your bath water by neutralising the chlorine and by-products into a harmless compound thereby softening your bath water. This option is great for little ones who suffer from dry, itchy, eczema-type skin conditions.

Vit C Shower and Vit-C bath are available online from Takealot R1,995 for the showerhead and R485 for the Vit C bath effervescent tablets. For more information visit the Vit C Shower website.

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