Let’s face it; travelling can be quite a challenge. Whether it’s a long drive in the car or a long-haul flight with loads of layovers, travelling to and from your dream holiday destination can really take it out of you. Which is why we decided to share our most favourite travel hacks with you – they’re tried and tested and will make your life so much easier the next time you decide to hit the road. Here are 10 must-try travel hacks!

1. Toss a headband or sports ‘Buff’ into your carry-on:

When I travel I always make sure I have a headband, a sports buff or both with me. A headband is a great travel accessory as it helps to keep your hair in check and out of the way between taxis, trains, and planes. No one has time to fuss with their locks while travelling and a cute, colourful headband will help tame even the most travel-tousled hair. If I have limited space then I usually opt for just a sports buff as it’s a headband, scarf, sweat band and bandana in one. I also use it as an eye mask to block out light when I want to nap on the plane or in the airport.

head band

2. Toss the bulky jumper and opt for a lightweight Kimono jacket instead:

If you hate having a million things to lug around in your carry-on then a kimono is a great alternative to a chunky sweater or a bulky hoody. A light-weight Kimono jacket is easy to carry and will help you battle the unstable temperatures inside the plane – you’ll never be too hot or too cold again. Of course, you can also toss it over yourself as a blanket for when you want to have a nap.


3. Downsize your carry-on makeup with a contact lens case:

If you want to pack some makeup in your carry-on bag or are going away for a short trip then leave your makeup and other beauty product jars at home. Instead grab a few contact lens cases and decant a dollop of product into each circular contact lens holder. This will work for almost any product including foundation, lip balm, sun cream, shaving gel, hair mousse and more!


4. Fold in a carry-all canvas tote:

There’s no need to pack a handbag for every outfit! Just toss in a neutral canvas tote bag and you’ll have a handbag, beach bag and grocery bag all in one! Totes are easy to fold and will fit snuggly into your luggage, taking up very little space. You can easily have all your carry-on essentials in your backpack or an over-shoulder bag for the plane and whip out your tote for day and night-time outings during your holiday.

Tote bag

5. Quench your thirst with a foldable water bottle:

Whether you’re hiking or flying half way around the world you can’t leave without a foldable water bottle. These super handy water containers can be easily filled and then decanted and folded away before you head through security. I would not have survived without it during my long-haul flight to Australia or during my long layovers on the way there – bottled water is expensive and having one of these is a great way to save money.

Fold-able water bottle6. Don’t forget the coconut oil!

Yes, I said coconut oil! Believe it or not coconut oil isn’t just for eating it’s also a jack of all trades! Decant some coconut oil into a travel-sized bottle and use it to soothe sunburn, as a makeup remover, lip balm, split-end treatment, cuticle cream, overnight hair conditioner and so much more!


7. Invest in a micro towel:

Micro towels are light, super absorbent and take up very little space. They also dry very quickly and are perfect for everything from airport showers to hikes and camping trips. Bring one of these on your travels and you’ll have loads more space for other, more important things!