If you’re the type of bride who likes to shake things up then there’s no reason you should carry a plain-old traditional-style wedding bouquet down the isle! From incorporating bold colours and exotic greens to forgoing the greens for feathers and fruit, there are so many great ways to put a creative twist on your wedding bouquet. Here are our 10 unique bridal bouquets for your special day!

1. Go green with a succulent bouquet:

Succulent bouquets are perfect for environmentally conscious brides or couples who want to add some DIY flare to their wedding day. There’s no end to what you can create with succulents – the thick, fleshy “petals” of succulents come in a variety of amazing colors and they’re much tougher than normal floral bouquets. Succulents can also live out of water for several weeks, which means you can make your bouquet in advance and replant them after the wedding for a permanent keepsake.

unique wedding bouquets

Left: a beautiful succulent bouquet | Right: An elegant and simple Muscari bouquet.

2. Keep it simple with muscari:

For understated elegance opt for a simple, hand-tied bouquet of muscari (grape hyacinth). This delicate and sweet, plant comes in white, pale pink, and blue shades. Muscari is perfect for spring weddings and can even be used for centerpieces, groom flowers and more.

3. Keep it fresh with fruit:

Adding colourful citrus, berries, apples, or even pomegranates to your wedding bouquet will bring a fresh perspective to your wedding day. For something truly striking try a colour contrast bouquet with bright yellow lemons and subtle purple lavender.

unique wedding bouquets

Left: a citrus and lavender bouquet | Right: gold leaf flower bouquet.

4. Add a splash of gold:

For a glamorous twist on an all-white rose bouquet, ask your florist to create custom gold leaf roses for your bouquet. If a full gold bouquet is a little too much then try adding a handful of gold-leaf roses in between your arrangement – these little guys really pop when surrounded by all white flowers.

5.  Choose an eco-friendly alternative:

If you’re all about going green on your big day then why not choose an all green bouquet. Instead of flowers opt for a handful of greenery including ferns, succulents, leaves and more. This style of bouquet would work beautifully with a rustic wedding or an outdoor spring wedding.

unique wedding bouquets

Left: All-green bouquet | Right: A striking feather arrangement.

6. Shake your tail feathers:

If you’re looking for something completely different from a flower arrangement then try feathers. For a subtle touch, a few eye-catching large quill feathers can create a stunning rustic look when arranged with flowers. If you’re brave enough then forget the flowers and opt for an all-feather bouquet. For a soft elegant look opt for fluffy feathers, such as Ostrich feathers while Peacock feathers are a gorgeous way to bring a bit of natural glamour to your wedding.

7. Create sweet memories:

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and a sense of fun then why not opt for a sweet bouquet on your special day? This delicious alternative to a floral bouquet is a great DIY project for you and your bridesmaids and fun accessory for you or your ring bearer and flower girls to carry!

unique wedding bouquets

Left: Sweet bouquet | Right: a romantic astilbe arrangement.

8. Add a romantic touch with astilbe:

This pretty, feathery flower will add a romantic, vintage touch to your bouquet and centerpieces on your wedding day. Astilbe creates interest and texture in a mixed flower bouquet but for something truly striking opt for a bouquet made entirely from this soft and pretty flower.

9. Like music to your ears:

If you and your groom are musicians then why not toss the flowers and create a sheet music bridal bouquet? This paper flower bouquet is unique and will make the perfect keep sake after your wedding day is long gone. For a personal touch print the sheet music of your favourite song as a couple or the song you’re going to strut your stuff to for your first dance to at the wedding.

unique wedding bouquets

Left: Single white Glamelia rose | Right: Sheet music paper flowers.

10. Believe that less is more:

This single white Glamelia rose is the perfect statement bouquet for your wedding day. With a ‘bouquet like this you really will prove that less is more! Another option is to go for a single King Protea flower or a giant paper rose in a bright colour.