Although thought of as a white grape, the Pinot Grigio grape’s skins naturally develop a pink tinge when the berries are fully ripe, making them perfect for making a pretty pink Rosé. And now, just in time for summer, Van Loveren Wine Family Vineyards have announced the release of South Africa’s very first Perlé-style Pinot Grigio Rosé! If you love Pinot Grigio, the new Van Loveren Perlé de Jean will indeed make your summer just a little bit sweeter.

It’s no secret that Rosé is having a real moment with wine lovers and the wine style’s popularity is only set to increase as warmer weather rolls in. The latest wine variety to join this wine style in South Africa is Pinot Grigio thanks to Van Loveren. The popular wine brand is coming to the party with a brand new Pinot Grigio Rosé dedicated to one of the founders of the estate. Versatile and elegant, this Rosé is finished with a gorgeous label design and has an alcohol content of just 12% so you can have a few more glasses!

The Perlé de Jean Pinot Grigio 2018 boasts a beautiful pale rose colour with a vibrant hue. It displays fresh notes of raspberries, strawberries, red currant, ripe citrus and melon with a subtle lemon undertone. This dry, slightly-sparkling wine screams summer and pairs perfectly with warm-weather dishes like pork chops, grilled peaches, summer salads, sushi, grilled veggies and fresh berries. The unique Perlé style gives the wine a soft fizz, adding an extra refreshing element to your glass making it the great a apéritif for lazy summer afternoons!

Van Loveren Perlé de Jean Pinot Grigio will be available from September 2018 and can be found at Makro outlets nationwide or online from Van Loveren at R69.99 per bottle.

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