Ladies, we all love the idea of a wardrobe makeover, but let’s face it; overhauling your wardrobe takes a lot of hard work and commitment. Sure, it’s a good reason to go shopping, but before you toss out all your old stuff for brand new stuff (which can be a costly affair) look at what you already have in your wardrobe. Choose the best and most comfortable items and decide what you want to keep and what you’d like to throw out. Not sure where to start? Take a look at our step-by-step guide to achieving the ultimate wardrobe makeover, without blowing your budget.

1. Pull out everything you have in your closet


Source: She Knows

Place all the same types of clothing pieces together as well as the same colours.  Once you have done this you will see a pattern of the type of clothing and colours you prefer and will also notice the pieces you need and the colours you may need to buy less of.

2. Create new outfits from current pieces

Various looks

Now that you have all your clothes together you can start mixing and matching your outfits.  Take a pair of bottoms, whether it be trousers, a skirt or shorts, and see which tops/blouses go well with it. Essentially, you want to try and put a few outfits together – ones that you like and know you’ll wear. You’ll be amazed at how many looks you can create using just a handful of items.

Place your casuals, your special outfits for occasions and your corporate wear in their own space. This saves you time when you are getting dressed as you will know where everything is. Try to keep your wardrobe as simple as possible. The plain items you can wear over and over with a different T-shirt or blouse and you have a whole new look, add a colour jacket and your casual wear becomes an outfit that can be worn to the office. To make things a little easier try to hang outfit items together or have them folded on a shelf so that it saves time when you are in a rush in the mornings. If your wardrobe is packed simply you will find things easily and it will be a joy to open your closet. And yes, organisation does take time but once you have it the way it suits your needs you will continue to keep it an “organised” wardrobe.

3. Clearing out

Search for the items that you don’t wear (things that are either too small, outdated, or damaged). Instead of hanging onto items such as these, get rid of them to allow space for new items. Be realistic and don’t fall into the trap of ‘this is my favourite pair of jeans, or I will lose weight and fit into them again’. Nine times out of ten this does not happen, and the item is shoved to the back of the closet, never to be seen again until the next spring cleaning day comes around. Rather give your beloved piece of clothing to someone you know will enjoy it and will get pleasure out of wearing it. Don’t hold onto ‘sentimental’ items either — as hard as it sounds. The jersey you wore on your first day of work 20 years ago is no more special than any other item. You don’t need it, make space for something new.

4. Make a list of what you need

Make a list of the new items you would like to get and in what colours. You’ll only really know what you need if you go through the above steps. Most times, it’s the items you least expect you need, such as the corporate clothing. We often go shopping for trendy items we can sport on a weekend or a night out, and completely forget about our work attire. We think of the special events, which party, which date, but we never want to think of work — of course not! When you do go shopping, choose simple but easy to wear items which can be mixed and matched with many other items in your closet. The list will also help you keep focused on why you went shopping and what item you really need. Try and mix and match as you will be surprised that if you go with that mindset you really don’t need a lot of clothing. A pair of black pants, a few whites and colour shirts or tops, a black jacket, add a good pair of shoes that are comfortable for any occasion and you already you a full outfit, with many options.

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