5 Biggest Food & Drink Wedding Trends for 2019

wedding food trends 2019

Planning on tying the knot? While many people are still following the traditional route when it comes to Wedding food and drinks, many young couples are opting for trendier ways to feed their guests. This year, couples are set to say goodbye to three-course sit-down dinners and hello to informal dining, edible décor and environmentally-friendly food trends! Yes indeed, social dining is the order of the day. For inspiration for your big day check out these 5 wedding food and drink trends to expect in 2019:

Edible wedding favours and décor

wedding food trends 2019

There’s no doubt that wedding favours are a tricky topic but if you’re looking to treat your guests, offer up take-home gifts like freshly baked cookies, sugar-coated almonds, or even home-made jams, marmalades and hot sauces for a personalised feel. For something a little more daring, you can choose your favourite spirit (think gin or whisky) and offer mini bottles for each guest to enjoy. With edible favours, it’s easy to add your own spin on things by decorating your favours to suit your colour scheme, theme or personality. As for edible décor; we’ve been told not to play with our food, but no one said anything about food being turned into art! We eat with our eyes and 2019 will see an abundance of edible décor pieces such as dessert canapé towers, doughnut walls and macaron towers.

Environmentally-friendly weddings

wedding food trends 2019

As many strive towards living a more sustainable lifestyle, it’s no surprise that wedding trends are also taking the environment into consideration. Sourcing fresh, organic, locally sourced ingredients for your menu is one way of helping out the planet. Another is going green: vegan options, whole vegan menus and vegetarian variants are bound to blow up this year thanks to more people opting for meat and dairy-free lifestyles.

Dessert tables

wedding food trends 2019

If you want to make a statement, a visual food display is the ultimate way to impress your guests. Create a spectacle by using different elements placed at different heights. Dessert tables are perfect for post-wedding snack-age and are incredibly versatile — provide a variety of different desserts to munch on, and include gluten-free and vegan options too. Try a memorable, mouthwatering dessert set-up such as an ice cream station; pancake bar or even a fruit display.

Informal dining

wedding food trends 2019

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More couples are saying no to sit-down meals in favour of a more casual style of dining that gets guests mingling. Food trucks can be ideal, especially for outdoor venues, and as a bonus you’ll probably be supporting an independent business in the process. If food trucks aren’t your thing then grazing tables are the modern version of a buffet. Featuring plates of charcuterie, home-made breads, local cheeses, different kids of quiches and veggie platters, a grazing table is a great way to keep your guests nibbling. Another popular option for summer weddings is to host a boho-style outdoor braai or BBQ, adding a forest feel to your special day. Grilling whole pieces of meat (like lamb-on-the-spit) is always a firm favourite but feel free to braai your favourite pieces of meat, veggies or even Halloumi cheese!

Late-night snacking

wedding food trends 2019

Midnight snacks will never go out of style and more and more couples are finding innovative ways to keep peckish guests happy throughout the night. After breaking itg down on the dance floor and perhaps one too many G&Ts, a simple bacon roll can be a lifesaver. DIY bacon bun bars, classic cheese and fresh bread stations, as well as cheese toastie tables are all great ways to satisfy late-night snack cravings (and potentially save your guests from a nasty hangover)!

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