5 Things We Love About the Motorola G

Motorola g

Shopping for a new cell-phone can be a nightmare; there are so many options to choose from that it’s impossible to know where to start. Luckily for those of you who are in the market for a new phone we will be bringing you loads of reviews on the latest phones. Look out for our easy-to-follow reviews (with no confusing mumbo jumbo and techy jargon) as we bring you phones for every type of woman – whether she just wants something simple and cute to Facebook, send text messages and make calls or whether she wants something fancy pants with all the bells and whistles. Today we are focusing on the super cute Motorola G and letting you know 5 things we love this little device.

1. It’s affordable: at just R2613 the device is a steal when compared to other smartphones on the market. It’s quite easily the best low-budget smartphone you can buy right now and if you’re just looking for something easy to use that has all the apps and features a typical user would want then this is a great buy.

2. It’s easy to use and feels great in your hand: with a 5-inch screen and a slick, responsive interface the Motorola G won’t leave you hanging. The screen is just the right size for browsing the web, Facebook and Twitter and for messaging.

3. It’s got loads of storage: The device comes comes with 8gb of on-board storage which can be expanded up to 32gb using the Micro SD slot. This allows you to download loads of apps onto the device and if need be, increase your storage to allow space for other things like music and photos.

4. It’s easy to customise: the device is available in black or white but can easily be customised using the range of super colourful Motorola Shells. This interchangeable backs let you express your style and match your phone to your mood.

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5. It’s light: weighing in at just 143 grams the phone is super lightweight. It’s easy to carry around and because it’s not too bulky it will fit into the tiniest of hand bags.

The Motorola G is available from the Orange South Africa online store. Click here to buy this device now.

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