6 Secrets Behind Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

Insurance companies are now setting up premiums depending on some factors like: the type of job you have, type of the car you drive, age, sex, and even postcode.

In this article, the team from CarInsuranceCheck share the six ways that will help you get cheaper car insurance.

#1. Job Title

Job title impacts greatly when it comes to paying your car insurance. When you identify yourself as an Office Manager in the process of filing your car insurance application, you will pay more than when you identify yourself as an Office Administrator. On the other hand, builders pay more than construction workers, for example.

If your job fits in more than one category – you will need to check car insurance quotes before applying. You can easily invalidate your cover in case you legitimately choose more than one job.

#2. Add A Secondary Driver

Adding a secondary driver can help you save your money. But, before that, it is always good to ask for permission and check whether he or she has a clean driving license and has no claims history. Checking previous records of the driver will help you minimise what you’re paying for premium at the end of the month. However, if you add a name of a driver who has previous bad driving records, you will have to pay more for the premium.

#3. The Right Time To Switch Your Car Insurance

Switching your car insurance three days before the actual day of expiring saves you a good amount of money. To get a good deal, though, you will have to compare other car insurances, check if their policies match your expectations and whether they have cheap premiums.

#4. Recover Some Of Your Cash

When you switch products using comparison sites – they get some fee from the insurer. However, if you are smart you can get that money yourself.

After you have compared prices and found which deal is the cheapest, head to one of the companies and try to get an even better deal by switching to the cashback site.

#5. Payment Should Be Made Up Front

Many of the insurers, if not all, charge an interest on your payment if you choose to spread the cost throughout the year. It is advisable to pay upfront, if possible. Monthly payment can be more expensive compared to an annual payment, despite the fact that paying monthly is more convenient and flexible for other drivers.

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#6. Boost Your Excess By Cutting Your Extras

Be aware of what is included in your car insurance quote: theft cover, personal insurance cover, breakdown cover, and windscreen cover, among others, are good to note. A lot of these car insurance quotes might be covered by things like travel insurance, home insurance, or your bank account insurance. Therefore, you have to check your car insurance policy and take out those covers that are less important or are covered by other types of insurance, in order to save on what you are paying as a premium at the end of the month.

You need to check whether you are double paying, then find out if you really need these extras and you need to check how much excess there is on your policy.

It is essential to know that the higher the car insurance cost, the lower the excess, so you need to come up with a way you can afford to pay the excess in the case of an accident.

These six points will all lower your quote, but, most importantly – make sure you have compared car insurance providers too.

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