Adidas Announces Revolutionary 3D-Printed Running Shoe!

Adidas futurecraft 3D

Just when you thought running shoes couldn’t get any more advanced, adidas goes and unveils something pretty revolutionary! The fitness brand is aiming to change the future of performance footwear with adidas Futurecraft 3D, a unique new 3D-printed running shoe midsole that can be tailored to the cushioning needs of an individual’s foot. That’s right, bespoke running shoes!

Imagine walking into an adidas store, running briefly on a treadmill and instantly getting a 3D-printed running shoe to take home. The new 3D concept, will give adidas the opportunity to create a flexible, fully breathable carbon copy of any athlete’s own footprint, matching exact contours and pressure points, it will set the athlete up for the best running experience. This new technology will allow the brand to provide the ultimate personalized experience for all athletes and take the running shoe standard to the next level, offering unprecedented individualized support and cushioning for every foot, to enable athletes to perform at their best.

“Futurecraft 3D is a prototype and a statement of intent. We have used a one-of-its-kind combination of process and material in an entirely new way. Our 3D-printed midsole not only allows us to make a great running shoe, but also to use performance data to drive truly bespoke experiences, meeting the needs of any athlete,” said Eric Liedtke, Executive Board Member of adidas AG, responsible for Global Brands.

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With technology like this in development, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before insoles, blisters and other running related niggles are a thing of the past!

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