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From high arched to thick, thin or bushy no brows are created equal so we spoke to brow experts, Just Browzing to find out more about the difference your eyebrow shape can make to your face. The team gives us the low-down on the different shapes out there and gives us a few tips and pointers on how to find your perfect shape. Keep reading for these super handy tips and tricks from the brow experts themselves and discover how to find your perfect brow shape!

According to Michelle de Lima, owner and brow whisper at Just Browzing, finding your perfect eyebrow shape isn’t exactly rocket science. “Ladies just need to understand that you shape the brow according to the brow bone that is already there,” says Michelle. She also debunked some myths for us explaining that;”Brows are suited to the individual person and not the face shape.” Eep, hands up how many of us have spent ages in front of the bathroom mirror trying to figure out our face shape before shaping our brows!

So how do you discover your ideal brow shape? Well, you can check out the many different types of brows below and then carefully work with your brow bone to uncover your shape. If all that is too much for you, and you live in Joburg then we suggest you give Just Browzing a call. Just remember it’s not about having Kim Kardashian brows or choosing the shape you want – alas, all you can do is work with the shape you are born with.

1. The Arched Brow

This brow shape is suited for ladies with a high brow bone. While many ladies would die for these brows they can’t be created out of thin air (unless you have a razor and a very steady hand when working with an eyebrow pencil) But seriously, just take a look at the pictures below and you will easily see which ladies are naturally blessed with high arched brows and what a difference it makes when a high arched brow is correctly shaped.

High Arched Brow

2. The High- Low Brow

This brow shape is the trickiest of the lot as ladies tend to try and achieve the high arch brow look when, in fact, their natural arch is a lot softer. Over shaping a high-low brow can cause the face to look unbalanced. But fear not, as you can see below, even the stars get it wrong sometimes!


High Low Brows

3. The Thick Brow

Cara Delevingne made thick, bushy brows glam again and allowed ladies blessed with full brows to let their shape shine through! This brow is a makeup artist’s dream as they’re easy to shape and frame the face in the most beautiful way.

See Also

The Thick Brow

4. Thin Brows

The thin brow is more of an enigma as it’s not a one-shape-fits-all kind of scenario. These brows come in all shapes (high, low, straight, you name it) and just need a bit of tender loving care to discover their natural shape. Of course, not all thin brows are indeed thin, some ladies might have thin brows purely because they have overshaped their brows into a thin line!

thin brows

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