Enjoy Fine Dining at Home with this Recipe for Delectable Fish Tacos

Fish tacos

Summer is still in full swing, making light meals, that won’t make you feel heavy and lethargic, more important than ever. But rather than smash yet another salad, why not your home cooking up a notch? This summer, treat your family or lunch guest to something a little more refined with this recipe for Fish Tacos (or Ssam) from Greenhouse Head Chef, Farrel Hirsch. This delectable dish was served at the Constantia Fresh 2019 festival and was indeed a hit amongst festival goers. Follow the recipe to take a crack at it at home.

Fish Taco

This recipe serves 4


1 big Kohlrabi. Sliced in rounds
½ Cucumber, sliced in rounds
250g Yellowtail
15g Spring onion, diced
10g Radish, sliced
4g Sesame seeds
Korean chili flakes, pinch
100g Pickled red cabbage – see below
150g Mojo dressing –see below

Mojo Dressing Ingredients & Method

7.5g Dill
12.5g Coriander
12,5g Parsley
12,5g Watercress
30g Spring onion
5g Fresh chilli
5g Fresh ginger
10g Fresh garlic
50ml Fresh lime juice
5 ml Fish sauce
* Blend all the ingredients together in a mixer

Pickled Red Cabbage Ingredients & Method

100g Cabbage, sliced thinly
100g Red wine vinegar
100g Water
100g Sugar
* Soak cabbage for 9 hours

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Method and how to assemble

Dress the yellowtail in lime juice and sit for 20 minutes, sliced sashimi style.
Use the kohlrabi and cucumber rounds to form the base of the taco, sliced very thin.
Place all the ingredients in the middle of the taco, yellowtail, mojo dressing, pickled cabbage, sesame seeds, spring onion and finish off with a sprinkle of Korean chilli flakes.
Fold and eat.

If you’re more of an eater than a chef, pop into Greenhouse at The Cellars-Hohenort to try Farrel Hirsch’s version of this dish and many more like it. Greenhouse at The Cellars-Hohenort is ranked as one of the country’s Top 10 Restaurants by the prestigious Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Restaurant Awards and offers exceptional cuisine where each carefully crafted dish is matched with the finest Cape wines. The award-winning team at Greenhouse uses the bountiful produce of the Constantia Valley to tell the story of the region. The culture, flavours and terroir of the surrounding area are whimsically fused within the dishes of Greenhouse, creating a multi-sensory, modernist dining experience.

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