Forget Gym, Work Out Outdoors with Adventure Bootcamp for Women! [Review]

Adventure Boot Camp for Women

Can we please all just drop the bullcrap and admit that gyms are the worst? Because what’s to love? It’s boring and there are too many weird machines to figure out. But that doesn’t mean I just sit at home stuffing my face with Lays lightly salted and Lindt chocolate (as appealing as that sounds). I do exercise, but I much rather prefer to do it in a group (collective pain is much better than solo self-induced pain) and with an instructor to show my clueless ass what to do. Which is why I recently committed to a month of getting fit with Adventure Boot Camp for Women –  the four-week programme was oodles more fun than any stuffy old gym and working out with a bunch of like-minded ladies was pretty much the best thing ever.

This fun and exciting outdoor exercise programme just for the ladies welcomes women of all fitness levels and is a great way to reach your fitness and health goals. The four-week “camps” offers ladies the opportunity to sign up for daily, thrice weekly, or weekly group training sessions (or 4, 12 or 20 sessions over 4 weeks) led by a qualified trainer who makes sure that each session is fun and different from the last.

Adventure Boot Camp for Women

What I love most about Adventure Boot Camp (or ABC) is there are no monotonous routines, no waiting for sweaty gym equipment, and no clueless training with concerns that your efforts are wasted. And, because the sessions take place at outdoor locations around the country you can be sure you will always have a beautiful view to look at and fresh air to fill your lungs. Basically, it’s all the benefits of training with a personal trainer, and more, at a fraction of the cost.

I signed up for three sessions per week at Western Province Cricket Club in Rondebosch and absolutely adored it. I even roped a friend in to join me, which was loads of fun and having that interaction with the other ladies in my group during each session was super inspiring. The groups are small, so you still get loads of attention and guidance but knowing that everyone is grafting just as hard as you are to finish the workout circuit for the day really keeps you going.

Adventure Boot Camp for Women

As for the workouts, some of them were really challenging, but our trainer was always careful to tell us to do the exercises at our own pace. ABC doesn’t push you too hard too quickly, making it ideal for both women just getting started as well as more active types. During the four-week camp, I met some ladies who were completing their one-hundredth camp and others who were just completing their second and each one of them had nothing but praise for the ABC programme.

And, if it’s results you’re after then you’ll love that each four-week camp starts and ends with a ‘fitness’ test. This helps you keep track of where you were fitness wise when you started off and where you ended up after one, two, or even three camps.

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Adventure Bootcamp for Women

Getting started with ABC is super simple, you just visit their website and sign up for the camp dates and location of your choice (there are loads of beautiful locations across SA to choose from). Then on day one of camp you simply show up with an exercise mat, two hand weights (about 1.5KG is good) and a water bottle. The rest is supplied for you and most of the workouts are done using your own bodyweight and your hand weights. It really is amazing what you can achieve with so little equipment!

Prices for the ABC camps vary per venue. The Rondebosch camp costs R434 for 4 sessions (once a week), R692 for 12 sessions (3 times a week), or R818 for 20 sessions (5 days a week). For more information and to sign up for the next camp starting Monday 14 May 2018 visit the ABC website

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