Is Pixar Releasing The Next ‘The Land Before Time”? [Watch]

The Good Dinosaur

Is Pixar gearing up to release the new The Land Before Time? You remember The Land Before Time; the heart wrenching, animated dinosaur movie that had every 80s kid with a soul in tears and simultaneously obsessed with its loveable characters. Judging by the trailer for Pixar’s latest animated film, The Good Dinosaur the new film certainly aims to tug at the heart strings.

The Good Dinosaur

Of course, in true Pixar style the dinosaurs look super cool and we can’t wait to see how they capture our hearts with the story of Apatosaurus the Arlo and his unexpected companion. The premise of the movie; what if dinosaurs didn’t go extinct is pretty unique and to be honest we wouldn’t expect anything less from Pixar. The film was directed by Peter Sohn and is set to to hit cinemas in November this year.

Watch the first trailer here:

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