How Long Does Wine Actually Last After It Has Been Opened?


We know what you’re thinking; “Leftover wine, what’s that?” But, listen, every so often there will come a day when you just can’t finish a bottle of wine all on your own. When this elusive day arrives you will need to know how long said leftover wine can last in the fridge before you have to finish it. Apparently, the shelf-life of your wine all depends on the type of wine you’re drinking so, we put together a handy quick-reference guide you can use the next time you find yourself with leftover wine.

Don’t forget that leftover wine should be stored in the fridge with an airtight topper – even red wine! Fortified wine, like port or sherry, can be left out of the fridge with an airtight stopper but anything else needs to be kept fresh in the fridge. If you’re storing your red wine in the fridge don’t forget to let it come back down to room temperature before enjoying a glass or two again.

With our helpful chart, you’ll always know how long you have before your opened bottle of wine starts to lose its delicious taste. Simply print it out, stick it on the fridge and enjoy fresh wine for years to come!

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