How to Do Street Food Photography Like a Pro!

Street food photography

Food can be a difficult subject to photograph, especially when you’re out and about and have to work with challenging lighting, just ask London-based food blogger, Mike Tsang. Using his Canon EOS M5 camera, Tsang captures the beauty and appeal of the street food he enjoys throughout his journeys, and all his pictures look totally drool-worthy! But, Tsang also knows snapping great pictures isn’t easy, so he’s offered up a few tips to help budding food photographers capture the perfect shot.

1. Apply the basics of food styling

Street food photographyThere is always something you can do when photographing street food to improve the styling. Evenly distribute plates and side dishes to fill empty spaces in a way that frames your dish. Try pouring sauce onto the food as another frame-filling element.

2. Be a little creative

Street food photographyIf you want your photos to steal the show on Instagram, think creatively to stand out. Try something different and have a little fun – who said you shouldn’t play with your food?

3 . Capture motion

Street food photographyShooting still, static plates of food can get boring. Experiment by adding some movement to your photos by doing things like lifting pasta or noodles or picking up a slice of oozy, cheesy pizza. Use a high shutter speed to avoid motion blur and take the shots in natural lighting conditions.

4. Shoot from a side angle

Street food photographyThe classic street food shot is taken from the side at a slightly elevated angle to show the largest part of the dish. By setting the focal length on your camera to around 28-35mm, you’ll be able to get closer to the food and magnify its details and aesthetics, and angle your shot at about 45 degrees.

5. Shoot from the side without an angle

Street food photographyEveryday street foods like burgers and sandwiches can come in different heights and it’s better to capture their layers close-up from the side. Position the camera at the same height as your food and as close as your focus will allow, resulting in a photo that emphasises the dish’s delectable details.

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6. Capture the warmth of a wintry dish

Street food photographyOn a chilly night, a hot cheese sandwich bursting with warm flavours is the perfect option to warm you up. The melting cheese has multiple focus points and the layers will be highlighted as well as the texture of the bread. Simply point the camera from a side angle and show your subject taking a really giant, cheesy bite!

Now get snacking and get snapping!

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