How Women Are Changing The Online Gambling Industry in New York

Online gambling has been a big topic of discussion lately, as many US states are starting to legalise it in many forms. Online casinos provide unmatched convenience and around-the-clock pay for passionate gamblers or those who just like spinning the slots in their free time. Sports betting is also proving to be a hit that brings in amazing profits to casino owners and the states they operate in. However, not all states are currently enjoying the profits of online gambling. Some, like New York, are still working on getting there.

The obstacle in New York is that the state has yet to close a deal. The state has legalised online gambling and sportsbooks through its local government already, but it still has to select a platform to operate the sites and apps. These will usually be Native American tribes and established gambling corporations. Right now, New York is in the process of ironing out deals with these organisations. As these deals take shape, we see how women are at the forefront of this emerging industry.

The Current Status Of New York Online Gambling

The US Supreme Court overturned a prohibition on federal sports betting in 2018, which launched a nationwide enacting of online sports betting measures. Online casinos were included in many of these bills, and in 2021 we’ve seen them finally go into effect. Online gambling platforms have opened across the country, bringing in record profits to states that got on it right away. New York is not one of these, unfortunately.

New York’s legislators went back and forth about the legislation, causing them to delay passing until April of this year. Governor Cuomo then made the legislation official with his signature, but only for sports betting. That leaves us in the deals phase. New Yorkers must be given at least four mobile sportsbooks options to be compliant with the law. To provide these options, the state must reach an agreement with at least two operators. These platforms must in turn employ other operators to meet the standard of four or more. Those who want New York gambling online will have to wait until these deals are passed before they can start playing. Until then, all they have is online horse racing and fantasy sports.

As for online casinos, New York doesn’t seem too keen on putting them into place. Some have advocated to allow poker, at least. The exception they push for is calling it a game of skill instead of a form of gambling. That bill failed to get the votes, but the fight isn’t over.

The Role Of Women In New York Gambling

The most important women in the New York gambling scene are the lawmakers. It falls to them to decide how, or even if, New York bettors will see certain games. They were part of the vote to allow the sports betting that will hopefully take place in 2022. Now they face the issue of online poker. Many of the women in New York’s government voted it down in 2020 and will now likely face the vote again this year. The effort is largely led by Senator Joseph Addabbo.

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When it comes to poker, the rise of online competitions has led to more women playing at a professional level. The relative anonymity and safety of online play lets many women feel comfortable in spaces where they might otherwise feel uncomfortable. Taking the traditional casino game online also affords the opportunity to players who otherwise don’t get the chance to visit a casino. This includes many women, minority, and disabled players. As a result, we’ve seen an emergence of female poker groups that support each other and get more women in tournaments.

Online gambling is still a work-in-progress for New York. Many women are working to get it legalised quickly, but several women are also wary of how much gambling should be allowed. The debates will likely continue into next year.

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