Joburg Gets Fabulous New Container Mall!

27 Boxes mall

There’s a brand new kind of shopping mall coming to Joburg and we’re quite sure it’s going to become the next best place to hang out. Constructed entirely out of shipping containers, the new 27 Boxes mall is a first for Joburg and for Africa and is modeled on similar projects in Christchurch, New Zealand (Re:START Mall) and London (Box Park). The project is near completion so we thought we would give you the low-down on this mall made up of nothing but 27 square meter boxes.

The new mall is set to be a space for Melville’s artists and creatives and aims to offer over 100 shops (containers) all selling top-quality products that you wouldn’t easily find at a regular mall that is often chockful of franchise stores. From craft beer and artisan food to handmade clothing, jewelry, furniture and other items, the mall is set to become a great place to hang out but also a fabulous spot to shop for gifts for family and friends. The mall will also offer an Amphitheatre in the park with live music as well as various art studios and galleries.

27 Boxes mall

Because it’s so cost effective to build 27 Boxes will offer a cheaper alternative to renters who have always dreamed of opening their own store. Paying between R120 – R200 a month for rent this space will allow designers, artists and craftsmen to showcase their wares and open up opportunities for entrepreneurs to realise their dreams. We love that the new indoor/outdoor shopping mall is set to be more than just a place to shop, it’s going to be a  lifestyle experience with a mixture of permanent and pop-up stores.

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Set in Melville’s Faan Smit Park, the design combines shipping containers, garden plants and rolling lawns, together with other brick and concrete elements for a richly different look and feel from anything else you’ve ever seen in Johannesburg. Some of the tenants you can expect to find at the mall include The Frying Dutchman (serving Dutch classic like poffertjies and many other mouth watering desserts), Curry In a Box (serving delicious handmade curries), Philly Cheesesteak Co. (offering cheese steaks, hoagies and burgers), GP Deli Italian Food (serving the best lasagne in town) and Nickel on Style (offering eclectic fashion, quirky design, and art).

The mall is set to open in the next few weeks so keep an eye out on the 27 Boxes Facebook page for all the details!

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  • “Paying between R120 – R200 a month” should be corrected. It’s actually R120 – R250 PER SQUARE METER per month, resulting in rental amounts between R2610 – R27172 per mini-shop a month, which isn’t cheaper, but absolutely in line or above rentals elsewhere…

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