Legacy Lifestyle, Finally a Rewards Programme Worth Joining!

Legacy Lifestyle

Not all rewards programmes are created equal and we’ve finally found one that covers all the bases. We love the Legacy Lifestyle rewards programme because it’s super simple and you can reap rewards up the wazoo without trying very hard at all. Yup, it’s officially time to throw out that rewards card collection you’ve been building because Legacy Lifestyle allows you to earn and spend reward points at over 200 luxury lifestyle partners around South Africa and abroad using ONE card! Forget rewards programmes where the rewards you reap are so minimal that they’re not worth the amount of time it takes you to fill in an application form – Legacy Lifestyle is officially the holy grail of rewards programmes. Here are 5 reasons why you need to sign up with Legacy Lifestyle before the summer holidays.

1. This rewards card is so powerful you don’t need it!

Forgot your card at home? No problem! The first BIG difference between Legacy Lifestyle and every other rewards programme out there is that you can leave your card at home. That’s right ladies, liberate yourself from the need for plastic by simply entering your mobile number into the card machine after you pay to earn points, which are known as Lifestyle Rands, where 1 Lifestyle Rand is equivalent to 1 Rand. You can also use your mobile number along with your 5-digit PIN to spend your points. With Legacy Lifestyle you never miss an opportunity to Reward Yourself.

Legacy Lifestyle

2. It’s free and super easy to sign up!

To unlock the power of Legacy Lifestyle, all you need to do to register online via the Legacy Lifestyle website. There are NO sign-up or monthly fees, you simply activate your account online, via the Mobi App (Android and iOS), or in-store at over 200 Legacy Lifestyle brand partners. You can start earning Lifestyle Rands immediately and the Legacy Lifestyle Rewards App allows you to manage your profile, view your balances, link different memberships and more on-the-go.

3. Only the highest quality partners are included:

Legacy Lifestyle has partnered up with the very highest quality partners in South Africa and abroad to ensure that as a member you get the VIP treatment wherever you go. Legacy Lifestyle partners have to go through a strict vetting process before they are added to the fold and given the Legacy Lifestyle stamp of approval. From top-notch restaurants to the best fashion brands, holiday resorts, and beauty spas, and more, Legacy Lifestyle allows you to earn and spend Lifestyle Rands at your favourite spots in South Africa and beyond.

Legacy Lifestyle

4. Earn and spend at over 200 partners across multiple categories!

With over 200 partners to transact with across multiple categories, including food, health & fitness, beauty, travel, kids, and entertainment, Legacy Lifestyle gives you plenty of opportunities to earn points and spend them. Some of the luxury partners available include Camelot Spa, Lorna Jane, Europcar, HQ, Havaianas, Knead Bakery, L’occitane en Provence, LUX* Resorts, and more! So, whether you’re a social butterfly who loves to wine and dine, a sports fanatic, or even a keen traveller, there are plenty of reasons to sign up with Legacy Lifestyle and start earning points today.

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5. It’s arguably the most simple reward programme ever:

Forget complicated rewards programmes that require you to have a maths degree in order to work out how many points you’ve earned or can spend. With Legacy Lifestyle Rewards programme, 1 Lifestyle Rand equals 1 South African Rand and each partner offers exciting rewards offerings up to 12% back on your spend. For example, if you spend R1000 at The Cross Trainer (which offers 8% in rewards) then you would receive R80 in Legacy Lifestyle Rewards on your Legacy Lifestyle account. This LR80 could then be spent at any other Legacy Lifestyle partner such as Lorna Jane, Dis-Chem, CyberCellar or more. And, if you’re feeling particularly generous then you can even choose to ‘spend’ your Legacy Rands at charities like Kitty & Puppy Haven, Child Trace, or the Captured In Africa Foundation.

Don’t miss out on the Legacy Lifestyle Rewards programme! Reward yourself here!

Legacy Lifestyle


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