NY Slice Launches Frozen, Heat & Eat Pizza Slices!

NY Slice

If you’ve ever been to NY Slice you’ll know that the casual takeaway pizza joint serves some of the best pizza in Cape Town. Starting with a modest pizza shop on Cape Town’s Kloof Street, the eatery has grown from strength to strength over the last few months with branches opening in Sea Point, Claremont, and Stellenbosch. The great news is the team behind NY Slice has no plans to slow down this exceptional growth, in fact, they’re ramping things up and making it easier and more convenient to get your hands on their pizza with an innovative new heat & eat frozen pizza option!

NY Slice made a name for itself by serving a unique brand of New York-style pizza to hungry customers in Cape Town. NY Slice might be a simple pizza spot but the team behind the eatery take their pizza very seriously. Pizza dough is made fresh daily and is hand tossed to ensure the crust is authentic thin and airy. Topped with whole milk mozzarella and a range of fresh, all-natural toppings before being baked in special pizza ovens shipped in from New York City, it’s no wonder this pizza has captured the hearts, and stomachs, of Capetonians.

NY SliceThe next time you’ve got a hankering for a slice of delicious authentic New York-style pizza getting one in your belly will be as easy as reaching into the freezer. The latest addition to the restaurant’s pizza offering was announced on the NY Slice Facebook page with a shot of the new pizza freezer in the Sea Point store. The new frozen pizza slices will initially only be available at the Sea Point branch as well as at Kloof Street Spar at around R30 per slice, depending on which type of pizza you buy.

The slices are vacuum sealed, so they will last about 6 months in the freezer, and to enjoy a warm, fresh slice you simply need to pop it in the oven or microwave for 2 minutes. The frozen Heat & Eat range includes some of your favourite NY Slice pizzas including the Manhattan, Pepperoni, Buffalo Chicken, Queens, Brooklyn, and Vegan pizzas. The Manhattan pizza is topped with whole milk mozzarella, NY Slice original tomato sauce, and fresh basil and is a pizza lover’s dream. Another winner is the Pepperoni which is topped with Real New York Pepperoni!

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NY SliceFor more information visit the NY Slice website.

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