Samsung Pay to Launch in South Africa

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Samsung owners in SA will soon be able to leave their credit cards at home when out on shopping trips, as the Smartphone giant plans to launch their successful tap-and-go payment service, Samsung Pay, in South Africa in 2018.

The easy-to-use payment system enables you just tap your smartphone on the payment machine at retailers without needing to swipe or insert your card. This cardless payment option does indeed make life easier a whole lot easier, and safer, by not having to carry around a credit or cheque card on shopping trips.

If you’re worried about your information being secure, fret not, the system gives users the option to secure their details and authorise payments with an iris scan, fingerprint and/or facial recognition, as well as a PIN code, so there are multiple levels of security.

For now, the payment option is only available on the Samsung Galaxy S9, but there are plans to incorporate the system into future Samsung Galaxy models as the technology rolls out. Samsung Pay will launch in South Africa in June 2018 and will go up against other QR-code based mobile payment systems like Zapper, SnapScan, and also tap-and-go cards that are a recent innovation in the country by some of SA’s major banks.

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The brand is currently working on partnerships with different financial institutions, but they haven’t been announced yet. We love the idea of not having to worry about carrying a handbag for a quick trip to the shops!

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