Starbucks South Africa – Menu and Prices Revealed!

Starbucks South Africa

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Starbucks South Africa is set to open its first store in Cape Town in November, 2020. For the full story on the new store opening, including location and opening date, click here.

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Great news for coffee lovers, the first Starbucks South Africa finally opens its doors tomorrow, 21 April 2016! The first store is located in Rosebank, Johannesburg and tonight local celebrities, media and VIPs got a first look at the store which is set to welcome its first customers tomorrow. WomenStuff was there to get the scoop on the new store and also suss out the menu and prices for you all. So, before you head in store, here’s a look atc what you can expect from the coffee giants on South African soil.

Coffee lovers will be able to find the first store on the corner of Tyrwhitt and Cradock Avenues in Rosebank with a second branch opening at the end of April in the highly anticipated Mall of Africa. Of course, we’ve all been following the location announcements closely over the past few months but what we really want to know is what’s going to be on the menu and how much is all this deliciousness going to cost us?

Starbucks South Africa


So let’s talk coffee – the Starbucks coffee menu offers a wide variety of caffeinated drinks in three different sizes namely Tall, Grande, and Venti. Customers can choose from anything from a cup of filter coffee at R17 for a tall to a cappuccino at R27 for a tall or Vanilla Bean Macchiato at R32 for a tall. For those serious coffee drinkers there’s a straight up Expresso at R17 for a solo, an Espresso Macchiato at R19 for a solo and an Expresso Con-Panna at R19 for a solo. Customers can also choose to create their own coffee creation choosing between 5 types of milk (including full fat, medium fat, fat-free, soy and coconut milk), and a few extras (including an extra shot of Espresso, syrups, and cream). Customers can also keep it cool with an iced version of any coffee beverage.

Not into coffee? Not to worry, there are loads for non-coffee drinkers to enjoy at Starbucks as well! If you’re after something hot then try a Caramel or Hazelnut Hot Chocolate at R37 for a tall, a Chai Latte at R29 for a tall, or a Classic Hot Chocolate at R30 for a tall. Tea lovers can enjoy a variety of full leaf teas including English Breakfast, China Green, Mint Blend, Hibiscus Blend and more. Teas start at R19 for a tall and go up to R28 for a Venti. For Rooibos lovers there are a bunch of creative options including a classic rooibos tea at R19 for a tall, a Rooibos Cappucino at R27 for a tall, Rooibos Latte at R27 for a tall and a Rooibos Espresso at R17 for a solo.

Starbucks South Africa

Of course, we can’t forget about Starbucks’ famous Frappuccinos! They’re finally here and we’re all about gulping down as many as humanly possible. Try a Caramel, Java Chip, Mocha, Vanilla Cream, Caramel Cream, Strawberry Cream, or Chocolate Cream Frappuccino at R36 for a tall. If it’s a fruity flavour you’re after then there are two fruit and tea blend Frappuccinos available namely the Raspberry Blackcurrant and the Mango Passion Fruit both at R35 for a tall. We got the chance to try the Caramel and Strawberry Frappuccinos and they were both simply divine!

But wait, there’s more! There’s also another super fancy-pants side to the new Starbucks South Africa store – a Starbucks Reserve Bar offering all sorts of creative creations. This intimate coffee theatre and tasting experience offers single origin, small batch coffees sourced from around the world, with a variety of brewing methods and all espresso beverages being made with a Black Eagle espresso machine. Starbucks sources coffee from nine countries in Africa and two of the first Reserve coffees on offer will be Burundi Morambi and Kenya Kaganda. Visit the Reserve Bar and choose a Reserve Coffee to enjoy in a brewing method of your choice. Selections on offer include Chemex (an infusion which extracts to a clear jewel-like brew) at R38 for 450ml, Syphon (a theatre of double-chamber vacuum and halogen beam draws an intense and smooth cup) at R26 for a 300ml and more.

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Starbucks SA

The Reserve Bar also offers a range of speciality Espressos including the Iced Shaken Double Shot (Espresso shaken over ice with a hint of demerara syrup) at R37 for 177ml and the Iced Sparkling Mint Espresso (Starbucks Reserve Espresso mint and demerara syrup served over ice and finished with a refreshing sparkling float) at R43 for 237ml.

Now that we have the drinks out of the way don’t forget that Starbucks also sells a few bites and treats. Here’s a look at what you can expect from the menu – seen here are the Starbucks Vanilla Chocolate Chip cookies, Triple Chocolate cookies, Decadent Chocolate muffins, Lemon & Poppy Seed muffins, and Caramel Shortbreadd – yum!

Starbucks South Africa

And, if you don’t live in Joburg fear not because according to Taste Holdings they are set to open 12 to 15 new stores around the country following the grand opening. So, it’s only a matter of time before there’s a Starbucks on your corner! For more information visit the Starbucks South Africa website and say Hi to Starbucks South Africa on Facebook.

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