The Best Imported Sweets Just Got Cheaper

Sweet & Soda

As far as candy and sweet treats go, the South African market has some pretty decent stuff available, but we’re far from being specialists when it comes to sugar-filled products.

If you’re a little bored of what you’re going to find in your local supermarket you’re in luck! Sweet & Soda has recently set up shop and they’re importing all kinds of impressive goodies from the best candy, confectionery, cereal, and salty snack brands in the world.

Whether you’re into fizzy drinks or every chocolate-laced product known to man, they’ve got something to satisfy your sweet tooth. They’re even running a sale at the moment that’s slashing prices on some great imported products – some of the best we’ve listed below!


Sweet & Soda

Normal Mountain Dew just not cutting it anymore? The Merry Mash Up is a flavour you’re unlikely to find an equivalent for from other brands. Check out the special here.


Sweet & Soda

These malted chocolate buttons are the ideal three-hour Netflix binge snack. Check out the special here.


Sweet & Soda

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Need something besides normal syrup to drizzle your waffles or flapjacks in? This caramel syrup by Hershey’s is the way to go! Check out the special here.

Their full range is mind-boggling – so if you’re bored with your average snacks and cereals and need something new to test out have a look at Sweet & Soda’s massive range of productsand you’re sure to find a new addiction!


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