The Crazy Store Has Launched an Incredible New Range of Kitchen & Novelty Gadgets! [Review]

Crazy Store Thingamajig collection

Ok, I’ll admit it – I’m obsessed with The Crazy Store. I don’t know what it is about the place but I can’t walk past one of their shops without popping in for a quick browse. It’s true, most of us visit their stores for cheap as chips impulse buys, goodies for the kids or even for gag gifts but now, they’ve launched a whole new range of goodies that are sure to make you change the way you think about their stores and products. I am officially crazy in love with the new Thingamajig collection from The Crazy Store and the great news is, it’s so affordable I won’t break my budget buying any of it! Here’s a look at the new collection of kitchen and lifestyle gadgets available in stores now.

The Thingamajig collection is all about bringing some fun into your home while helping you cut down time spent in the kitchen or doing mundane tasks at home. The clever new range of goodies offers a wide array of colourful, quirky, and oh-so-sweet kitchen tools, handy gadgets, novelty homeware, and party products that are ideal to give as beyond memorable gifts or to use in your own home. Of course, my life motto is, “Treat Yo Self” so when the Thingamajig collection first launched I went a little bit nuts and bought all the things – no really, my house is filled with the stuff. But the great news is I can now review it all for you, essentially helping you ‘try’ before you (it’s all in the name of research ladies).

Thingamajig Flower Toothpick holder
Thingamajig Flower Toothpick holder – R34.99.

So let’s talk about some of my favourite Thingamajigs! I’m a sucker for kitchen items that look like other things – a kitchen timer that looks like a cupcake? Yes please! A chopping board masquerading as turn tables? I can’t say no! And, the Thingamajig collection is filled with all sorts of fun goodies pretending to be something they’re not. One of my favourites is the over-sized Vegetable Sharpener and Peeler which looks like a rather large pencil sharpener but is actually a saviour in the kitchen. This little guys is just R17.99 (no really!) and will help you sharpen the perfect cucumber and carrot spirals for your salads and more. This little gadget works wonders and I am now a little too keen to ‘sharpen’ almost every vegetable I buy into fabulous spirals.

Another winner of note is the Silicone Egg Yolk Separator (R29.99). Shaped like the cutest little miniature chicken this must-have kitchen tool will let you ditch the old plastic water bottle trick and separate your egg yolks in seconds. Just aim, squeeze, and lift. Staying in the kitchen, let’s talk lemon juice. I love starting every morning off with a cup of warm lemon water but squeezing a lemon every morning is a chore of note. Which is why I’m loving my new Citrus Sprayer (R19.99) from The Crazy Store. It’s so simple to use – just roll the lemon to release the juices, cut off the tip of one end, insert the sprayer, and pssst!

Thingamajig egg separator
Thingamajig Egg Yolk Separator – R29.99.

And, if, like me, you love loose leaf tea then you’ve got to get yourself a little yellow Submarine Tea Infuser! Tea infusers can be super expensive if you buy them from fancy-pants tea shops (I’m talking over R100 expensive) but The Crazy Store’s version works just as well, is beyond cute, and is only R34.99. If you’re more of a vino gal than a tea lady then you’ll want to get yourself a silicone Wine Stopper and Pourer (R29.99), the clever little pourer will ensure you don’t spill any wine and serves as a bottle stopper when you’re done – brilliant!

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I could go on-and-on about all the funky fabulous products in the collection but I’m sure you don’t have all day so I’ll just share a few more. Some other useful and super fun items in the range include the funky globe shaped drinking jars (R29.99 each), a Zipper Bookmark (R49.99), and Mop Shoe Covers (R79.99) that will allow you to wash and polish floors as you walk!

Thingamajig Zipper Bookmark
Thingamajig Zipper Bookmark – R49.99.

The Crazy Store have also promised to keep adding more and more items to the collection every month so there will always be new things to shop in store. You can check out the full collection of Crazy Store Thingamajig goodies online here

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