Theonista Launches Low-Sugar, Rooibos-infused Ginger Beer

Theonista Ginger Beer

We South Africans love a good ginger beer and for many, there is no better summer drink. Of course, not all ginger beers are created equal and it’s about time a brand came along and gave us a more natural alternative to the syrupy soda varieties already on the market. Having conquered the world of Kombucha, local company, Theonista are now setting their sites on the ginger beer market with the new organic, Rooibos-infused Theonista Ginger Beer.

The uniquely South African product is produced by Theonista Brewmistress, Meghan Werner and offers a fresh and simple alternative to existing ginger beers on the market. It’s all-natural, low sugar, and naturally caffeine-free which means it’s suitable for all ages. Whether you decide to enjoy it as a non-alcoholic refreshment at a braai, pop it into your child’s school lunchbox, or mix it into a classic cocktail such as the Moscow Mule, this delicious new addition to the Theonista range is sure to delight your taste buds.

Theonista Ginger Beer 2

Like Theonista’s other range of products, their new ginger beer is made with only real ingredients such as fresh pressed ginger, fresh lemon, and a proprietary all-natural fermentation technique that incorporates organic rooibos. Plus, it also contains 40 percent less sugar than more commercial brands on the market.

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Health conscious ginger beer lovers will be thrilled to hear that this refreshing drink also offers loads of health benefits thanks to the fact that Theonista uses real ginger, vitamin C rich lemon, and antioxidant-rich rooibos in their formulation of the classic soft drink.

Theonista Ginger Beer bottles are now available at Wellness Warehouses, selected Spars, Giovanni’s in Cape Town, and online from Faithful to Nature at R27 per 300ml bottle.

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