Why Does the Public Love Tom Holland and Zendaya?

It seems that we just cannot get enough of the Tom Holland and Zendaya relationship. They kept their relationship hush-hush for quite some time, having met while working on Spider-Man: Homecoming six years ago. While rumours were circulating, they did not confirm the relationship until last year when they were spotted kissing.

Considering all the gossip about their relationship, it probably does not come as a surprise to learn that Tom Holland features fourth on the celebrity fake news index, which tracks celebrities most associated with fake news articles. But what is it about this relationship that people love so much?

They keep things private

We always want more of what we cannot have, right? So, the fact that Zendaya and Tom are such private people means that others are even more interested. Plus, a lot of people respect the way they choose to live their lives.

Tom has spoken out about how private he is before in an interview with GQ, stating:

“It’s just I’m a very private person. If you do a Google search, I’m not a tabloid person. I don’t like living in the spotlight. I’m quite good at only being in the spotlight when I need to be.”

They’re always laughing

One thing we have noticed about Zendaya and Tom Holland is that they genuinely love being in each other’s company. They’re always smiling and laughing.

Yes, this should be standard in any relationship, but is it really? We often see images of celebrities looking gloomy and unhappy together. In fact, relationships that don’t involve celebs can sometimes be testing, right? So, it’s delightful to see two young people who are genuinely in love.

Matching outfits!

We’re here for the matching outfits. Not only do the Hollywood stars have matching personalities, but they like to coordinate their outfits too. This is a treat for us all, especially considering how much of a fashionista Zendaya is.

See Also

Earlier this year, Zendaya and Tom were spotted with matching jerseys at the Red Wings vs. Rangers match in New York City, which was the cutest thing we’ve seen. Zendaya had “Holland” & “96” on the back, with Holland having “Zendaya” and “96” on the back of this. Does it get much more adorable than that?

Tom is Zendaya’s biggest champion

While Tom may be a private person, it doesn’t stop him from boasting about his stunning girlfriend on Instagram. They both post cute snaps together.

We love nothing more than a man who is proud of their woman, and Tom most certainly is.

Roll on the wedding – We hope!

There have been rumours circulating that Tom Holland and Zendaya are engaged. However, Zendaya’s mom shut down the speculation earlier this month. Nevertheless, if things keep going how they are, we’re sure it’ll only be a matter of time. And, when you consider just how invested people are in this relationship, you can be sure that a wedding between the two will be hot news.

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