5 Gadgets to Make Winter in SA Bearable


We don’t quite have a winter as harsh as our northern hemisphere counterparts, but there’s definitely a bite in the air busy developing that’s got everyone reaching for their jerseys and jackets. Luckily, we’ve tracked down a few pieces of modern technology that can offer quite a lot of assistance in keeping the chill to a minimum!

ThermaCell Heated Insoles – $68.99

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One of the worst feelings in winter is having barely any feeling in your toes and feet no matter how thick your socks are. People sitting in offices might not have this problem, but if your job needs you to be outside in some rain, sleet, or shine – then these foot warmers might be ideal. Refuse to give up your maniacal hiking addiction even in the winter? No problem! Not only can you recharge these insoles, but they come with a remote so you can control the temperature settings by choosing between medium or high heat.

UNAKIM Heated Mouse Pad – $30

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Trying to get through a day in the office with joints locked up by the cold is probably one of the worst parts of winter. Luckily, if you’ve got hours of mouse-clicking to get through and your frigid hands aren’t playing ball, you can use this hand-warming mouse-pad to thaw your mitts. It comes in a number of designs, and only requires a USB outlet to provide power for it to work. It’s could even be great for gamers whose kill/death ratio is suffering because of freezing fingers!

Dyson Heater Fan – from $285.99

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Despite its futuristic appearance, this unfortunately isn’t a piece of Asgardian magic-technology to teleport you across the cosmos. It can, however, perform the miracle of keeping you warm on an arctic day. Dyson’s Bladeless Heater Fan uses their patented Air Multiplier technology to evenly and quickly heat a room – but best of all is that it’s got a hot and cold setting so it’ll be useful in winter as well as summer. Since it has no exposed element or blades it’s completely safe from burning or dismembering anyone, and if it’s accidentally tipped over or bumped it automatically switches off, so it’s safer than a lot of conventional heating devices.

Tenergy Bluetooth Beanie – $24.99

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It might sound like an old wive’s tale, but it’s true that most of your body heat escapes from your head and your feet – so if you keep them warm, you’ll be alright. Beanie’s are a great way to do that, and this beanie won’t just keep you warm, it’ll also allow you to pair it with a phone or tablet so you can keep listening to music or even take calls. It has little slots for the headphones to slide into and out of (in case you want to wash it), and also a light-up panel on the side that let’s you control music functions or take and drop calls.

Agloves Touchscreen Gloves – from $11.99

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Smartphones are so important to our everyday lives that they’re basically surgically attached to us at this point. Unfortunately, conventional gloves make it a little tricky to still be swiping through your Instagram or playing any smartphone games. Agloves has a patented design that makes almost the entire surface of their touchscreen gloves useable on a phone screen, so you can keep your digits warm, but still be able to use your phone or tablet comfortably.

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