Black Friday: The Best International Retailers to Watch & How to Get the Deals

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Black Friday might be a consumer holiday that’s busy taking off here in South Africa, but compared to the USA (the inventors of the Black Friday shopping mega-event), we’re still finding our feet in terms of pulling it off with equivalent effect.

So which retailers are historically the best to keep an eye on when it comes to absurdly good savings on Black Friday deals? We’re going to take a look!

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Jeff Bezos’s retail brainchild Amazon takes the cake in terms of range, and also doesn’t skimp when it comes to slashing prices. If something has been manufactured in almost any retail department, there’s a very good likelihood that it’s somewhere in Amazon’s warehouses. They love Black Friday so much they’ve even got early Black Friday deals already going!


Well, eBay isn’t exactly a traditional online retailer, it’s more of a marketplace – but it’s a very important marketplace for anyone with niche hobbies or interests. If you’re a collector of anything vintage or a little off the beaten path, eBay is the best collection of international companies and individuals selling whatever it is you might be looking for.

Best Buy

Best Buy is a US electronics megastore that carries a huge range of gadgets and almost any electronic device you could imagine. While some of what they carry will overlap with Amazon, their sale prices might go even lower than others’ on specific devices due to the fact that Best Buy specialises in electronics. They’re even showing their Black Friday deals in advance here and seeing savings well over 50% is the norm not the exception!


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