This Bodyography Cover & Correct Concealer Changes the Under-eye Game! [Review]

Bodyography Colour Correct

With Netflix officially a thing in South Africa, dark under-eye circles are now a real concern for me (the addition of binge watching is real!). Ok fine, I’ve always had dark circles under my eyes but at least now I can blame it on the new season of Orange is the New Black instead of owning up to the fact that I’m terrible at keeping a responsible bedtime. Of course, concealer has always been my go-to when it comes to trying to mask those unsightly dark circles but ladies I’ve recently discovered a concealer that has changed the under-eye game for me and truth be told every other concealer now pales in comparison to this incredible find. Behold Bodyography’s Cover and Correct Under-Eye Concealer Duo! It’s the ultimate two-in-one under-eye product and this week it’s my pick for Hero Product of the Week.

Let’s get real for a second; covering up dark under-eye circles is no joke and some days I feel like it’s near impossible to create the illusion that I am in fact a well-rested, stress-free individual. I’ve tried countless products but the only one that has made me feel like I’m a make-up magician is this little creation from Bodyography. The genius of the Bodyography Cover and Correct Under-Eye Concealer Duo lies in the two-step process. The compact offers women a top-notch, highly pigmented concealer as well as super effective colour corrector designed to make dark circles disappear before your eyes.

Bodyography Colour and Correct Duo

Available in a 3 different shades (Light, Medium, and Dark) to suit various skin tones. The top part of the compact flips open to reveal step one – a pan of orange colour corrector that can be used as a priming colour to correct pigmentation and dark circles before applying concealer. Next, you screw off the bottom tub to reveal step two – a pot of creamy full-coverage concealer to cover-up and blend. Once you’ve applied the corrector simply dot a small amount of concealer to the under eye area closest to the nose using your ring finger and then blend with a concealer brush or beauty blender for best results.

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I love the creamy consistency of this product – it doesn’t dry out the delicate area under the eyes or leave a cakey look when applied but instead feels nourishing and hydrating. Plus, since both the corrector and concealer are formulated with caffeine and coffee seed oil, this two-step process will go a long way to helping improve circulation around the eye area and increasing elasticity of the skin (which helps to diminish dark circles). The product is also vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free so there are no nasties to worry about when using it on your skin or so close to your eyes.

The Bodyography Cover and Correct Under-Eye Concealer Duo is available from Placecol salons as well as online from the Placecol website for R550 – click here to buy it now. You can also say Hi to Bodyography South Africa on Facebook for updates on new products.

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