Celebrate Singles Day with These Dreamy Bath & Beauty Imports

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The build-up to Black Friday has started, but before you get too excited about what’s to come on the 24th of November, let’s focus our attention on a day to celebrate you! The 11th of November marks Singles Day – an international day to celebrate self-love!

To celebrate this day of self-love, many of the big retailers around the world launch incredible deals ahead of Black Friday. But remember, you don’t have to be limited to shopping just in South Africa, because after all, some epic deals are going down abroad, you just have to find them.

Butter and Me

Some of the best discounts take place beyond our borders, with the US and UK particularly being the biggest advocates of the Singles Day sale bonanza; but there’s always that one caveat: shipping. By signing up to Postbox Courier, you will avoid any potential shipping or delivery issues, and even shop for products we can’t usually get our hands on in South Africa. Find out more below!

Spoil yourself with the ‘everything bath’ this Singles Day

And, what better way to show yourself some love than with a few pamper day spoils? Taking a dreamy ‘everything bath’ is the perfect way to pamper yourself and the internet is here for it. But, what is an ‘everything bath’? The social media trend is all about taking a long, relaxing shower or bath that involves your favourite bodycare products and skips no steps.

Black Wolf Sonic Scrubber

Are you ready to hop on board the ‘everything bath’ train? Scrub, shave, lather, and lay back with our pamper product picks below!

  • Black Wolf Nation Sonic Scrubber ($49): Guys, meet your new shower buddy, the Black Wolf Sonic Scrubber. With its telescopic and detachable handle, it has been designed to reach all angles of your body and face super easy — plus this baby is rechargeable, lasts for 3 hours of use, and is waterproof. The vibrating and pulsating head removes dirt, dead skin, and back acne.
  • OffCourt Deep Cleansing Body Wash, Coconut Water + Sandalwood ($14): The Swiss Army of body washes. This powerful deep cleansing body wash is designed to work hard. It’s sulfate-free so it won’t strip important natural oils, and they’ve added glycolic and lactic acids (fancy!) to gently exfoliate, leaving your skin smooth and your microbiome better than it found it.
  • Neora Eye-V™ Hydrogel Patches ($55): When you can’t get to the spa, let the spa come to you. Treat your eyes to an immediate pick-me-up with these eye patches. These Hydrogel Eye Patches deliver targeted hydration and instant smoothing to the delicate skin around the eyes. Each pack includes 5 single-use pairs.
  • Butter & Me Choco Body Scrub ($18): Craving chocolate? Discover Choco Body Scrub and experience the sweet treat of chocolate without any guilt. Choco Body Scrub is an indulgent way to polish away dull skin while leaving a delicious aroma on the skin. Available in Matcha Vanilla, Strawberry Cacao, Orange Poppy, and Lavender Rosemary.
  • Fleur Marché Relax, Plz. ($26.00): Chill out, wind down, or reset your mood with this powerful wellness patch, made of a blend of Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, and other highly relaxing plant-powered ingredients.

Getting your spoils to South Africa

Many international retailers don’t ship to South Africa, or even if they do, shipping can be outrageously expensive, which then can leave you longingly staring at that 80%-off deal on a big ticket item, rather than actually making the purchase.

That’s where Postbox Courier can help, opening up the likes of Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Asos, or any other big-name international retailer to South Africans.

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Postbox Courier

Postbox Courier serves as something of an intermediary between customers doing online shopping and the retailer that is selling the products. If a retailer doesn’t ship to South Africa, you can use Postbox Courier’s service to get the items to you in any case by using one of their variety of North American, European, or Asian shipping addresses when you place your order. And signing up is FREE!

You’ll get dedicated addresses in all the major shipping cities in the US, UK, and Hong Kong, allowing you to use that address to get your order to Postbox Courier’s depot, and then they’ll ensure it gets to your door!

So, whether you’re scoping out some deals in the States, something from a London fashion retailer, or a gadget store in Hong Kong, remember that Postbox Courier can open up the option to get your Black Friday shopping items directly to your door!

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