Crop Tops are Back! Finding a Midriff Look that Suits You

Even though crop tops for women were in fashion in the 90s, they are currently conquering the catwalks again with a new interpretation of the classic look. Combined with high-waist trousers and skirts, these pieces look incredibly stylish and equally emphasise both a slim figure and feminine curves. And thankfully, there are a number of ways to combine these items for a standout look.

How are these tops worn?

First, the biggest difference between the shirts of the 90s and modern crop tops: there is no navel-gazing. Often only a narrow strip of skin on the upper abdomen is visible so that the pieces radiate a rather subtle sexiness. These crop tops go with almost every look because they can be combined casually, elegantly, or sportily, as the examples below will show you.

The backless crop top is now mainly combined with high-waist bottoms, i.e. pants and skirts that are cut to the waist. As a result, they also suit women who are not quite as slim and form a wonderfully feminine silhouette. If you feel the look is too revealing, you can wear a blazer or jacket over these tops.

Perfect for boho chic:

Bare tops like the sleeveless crop top ladies rib top from Solado are great for creating a boho look, combining the short shirts with a long, wide swinging summer skirt or harem pants. This stretches the legs optically and conjures up a slim figure for the wearer. The current boho style featuring a light, summer-y effect is often thanks to colourful African patterns and natural tones that contrast well with some white and black. This style also allows you to throw on some additional accessories to add to the look.

Crop tops can also be elegant:

Although this trend is not for the office, crop tops for women can also be staged very exquisitely when needed. The model from Urban Classics in restrained black with narrow white stripes on the neckline and armholes goes wonderfully with trousers with a high waistband that are kept in the same tone.

A classy blazer and a necklace (that can be almost as long as the top) completes this elegant combination. Whether at a stylish dinner or a visit to your favourite club, this combo is a great fit.

Cropped tops look great even without a six-pack:

Of course, the tight tops look great on women who are slim and have a well-trained body. But soft, feminine curves can also be staged with these shirts, as the boxy piece by Mantis proves. It casually extends over the bust line, creating a wonderfully feminine silhouette when combined with high-waisted jeans.

Also, chic with these crop tops are wide, swinging skirts with a waistband that sits right at the waistline. As a result, only a small strip of skin is visible between the shirt and skirt, and the view is cleverly drawn to the narrowest part of the upper body. These types of boxy, softly falling tops for women also look great on smaller-framed women. Choosing tight shorts, a pencil skirt, or slim-fit jeans as companions, this combo gives your figure a beautiful silhouette and balances the casual cut.

Sporty in the gym:

Made from modern functional materials, women’s crop tops not only fit perfectly but are also extremely practical thanks to their breathable properties, making them a great option to be combined with tights and sportswear. The workout cropped top by Solado has a classic cut like a bustier, so the sports bra also fits well under this top. In black, it is a fashionable counterpart to running and jogging pants in bright tones.

Straps made of narrow elastics that are interestingly woven together in the back make the women’s crop top so chic that you can easily wear it with boyfriend-jeans on the way to the gym. Breathable, with Quick-Dry materials, they’re a solid choice to wear when jogging or cycling, even in high summer temperatures.

Cropped tops in fluorescent colours are very trendy:

Do you love the bright neon colours that are finally back in fashion? The cool crop top is available in a choice of colour tones, but also in classic and very elegant white. An elastic underbust band ensures a perfect fit with this particular model. The racerback cut looks great and at the same time offers maximum mobility. Not only do you cut a great figure in the gym with your midriff, but these crop tops also look very chic with items of clothing in restrained black or navy blue.

Whether casual with boyfriend jeans, elegant with women two piece pants set, or casual with harem pants, crop tops can do almost anything and conjure up a wonderful silhouette when paired with the right items.

They work extremely well with the current high waist trousers and skirts, and look wonderfully feminine in this combination. Finally, a fashion tip: transparency remains an issue even in winter. Cropped tops for women can be perfectly paired with a translucent blouse, where they make a statement but still result in a dressed-up look.

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How to use cropped tops?

It may not seem like it, but the combination of a crop top with a skirt, in addition to adding a feminine tone, is perfect to balance the silhouette more. Pay attention to the skirt model and go from there.

The midi skirt is one of the best choices for those who want to invest in a tighter crop top look.

The composition is modern and versatile, being a great option for more formal occasions or even for everyday lunches and dinners. Combined with heels and a clutch purse, and you’ve got a strong, confident look.

On colder days, add a pair of ankle boots or even sneakers to keep the style but add a bit more comfort to the look.

If the skirt is a pencil skirt, it is better to use a wider crop. High-heeled shoes and sneakers are a good pairing to integrate with this type of look.

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