Four Things Every New Baby Needs – And Three Things They Don’t


If you’re a new mom or you’re expecting a new arrival, it can be difficult to know just want you need to buy for your little one. Everyone is full of their own advice and every magazine or website you read suggests different things. It’s no wonder that so many new parents are so confused. There are also so many different products for babies and infants on the market today that finding the right ones to meet your own individual needs can be a challenge. With that in mind, we’ve decided to make it a little easier for you to choose the essential baby products and to help save you the expense of purchasing items that you’re never going to use or need.

Four Things You’re Definitely Going To Need For Your Baby

When it comes to shopping for your newborn, there are some items that you’re definitely going to get plenty use from and others which you’ll use once and then never use again. The trouble is, how can you tell which ones are which?

Here are four things that you’ll certainly need to invest in for your new arrival.

  • A crib – your baby will need somewhere to sleep. A crib is the best option when compared to other choices like Moses baskets. Your little one will only be able to lie in a Moses basket for a few months whereas a crib will last for at least a year and maybe more, especially if you choose one which can be converted into a toddler bed.
  • A crib mattress – after you’ve chosen the right crib for you, it’s time to choose a new mattress to go in it. Experts advise that you should never use a second hand mattress, so getting a new one will not only ensure better sleep for baby but will also keep your little one safe. Make sure to choose one that fits properly in your crib with no spare space at the sides as this could be dangerous.
  • A car seat – if you’re planning on taking your baby out in a vehicle, a car seat is absolutely essential. Not only is it the best way to protect your little one from harm when on the road, it’s also the law. There are many different types of car seat, from ones that fit permanently into the car to those which can be removed and fit into a travel system stroller. You’ll need to pick the best one for your needs.
  • A stroller – you’ll need a stroller when you’re taking your baby out and about. Some are lightweight while others are more heavy duty. Think hard about your lifestyle before you choose one. If you need to regularly take your stroller upstairs, for example, you’ll need a lightweight model. If you’re always needing to fold your stroller up and down to fit in the trunk of your car you’ll need an easy folding model. If you’re a jogger, you’ll want an all-terrain stroller so your little one can accompany you.

Three Items You Won’t Need

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There are lots of baby items which are advertised as essentials in magazines and online but which you’ll never actually use. Here are just three.

  • A changing table – while a changing table is a nice addition to your nursery, be prepared to use it only rarely. Most people can’t be bothered to take their baby back to the nursery every time they need their diaper changed. You’ll probably find that you’ll get very little use from this item.
  • A diaper wrapping machine – some parents invest in a machine that will wrap up used diapers with a form of plastic wrap so it can be disposed of more hygienically without any unwanted odors. While this may sound like a great idea, it can be a lot of hassle and it’s just an extra expense that you can do without.
  • A Moses basket – although they’re very cute, you’ll only be able to use a Moses basket until your baby can move independently. In many cases, this can be as early as three months. Also, they aren’t very sturdy and can easily be damaged. A crib is a longer lasting alternative.

Now you’ve got a better idea about the items you should be buying for your new baby, it’s time to go shopping. Good luck!

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